Serverless Customer Service Bot Workshop

This is a past event

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UPDATE: We are rescheduling this workshop for June.

Building upon our last workshop, we will be building a customer service bot for Facebook that runs on AWS Lambda and API Gateway. You need not have attended the previous workshop.

Bots are eating the world! Wild Rydes (, a new startup that is building the world’s leading mobile/VR/AR unicorn transportation system, has decided to use serverless chatbots to staff its customer service department. As it scales to millions of users, Wild Rydes needed a scalable way to meet the customer service needs of its customers instead of relying on human customer service agents. Wild Rydes needs your help to implement its vision.

You’ll enable the bot to respond intelligently to customers by building in Natural Language Processing (NLP). The bot will use an event-driven architecture in which Lambda functions trigger workflows that pull customer responses from a Knowledge Base of Q&A. You’ll also write a function to trigger a manual approval request to a Slack channel, so that Wild Rydes’ technical staff can approve or reject messages from the bot to the customer. Finally, you’ll also learn to use Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Elasticsearch Service to log all incoming requests and create live analytical dashboards, such as for sentiment analysis, to track customer satisfaction.