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New AWS Services

Josh Padnick from Gruntwork ( present big ideas and best practices around three new updates announced by AWS in the last few months: the Application Load Balancer (, recent improvements to EC2 Container Service ( (ECS), and Kinesis Analytics (

For each service, we’ll start with a high-level overview suitable for non-technical users. Then we’ll dive deep for a few minutes on the nitty gritty real-world best practices useful for the nerds in the audience.

Finally, we’ll tie all three services together by discussing a sample app and what kind of architecture would make sense for it.

Josh will also be available after the talk for any general questions on AWS, DevOps, or Gruntwork.

About Gruntwork Gruntwork ( software teams setup a world-class DevOps environment on Amazon Web Services in about 2 weeks.

Gruntwork has taken the thousands of hours spent building infrastructure on AWS for multiple companies and condensed all the experience and code into pre-assembled “Infrastructure Packages.” An Infrastructure Package is a reusable, battle-tested, documented, configurable, best-practices definition of a piece of infrastructure. Examples of Infrastructure Packages include Network Topology (setting up a VPC), Docker Cluster, and Monitoring & Alerting.

To learn more and see the full list of Infrastructure Packages, visit

About Josh Padnick

Josh Padnick is a co-founder of Gruntwork, and has presented on AWS and DevOps at a range of conferences and meetups. As a full-stack engineer for 10+ years, he published a 12,000+ word guide to building scalable web apps on AWS ( that received 500+ upvotes on Hacker News, and has built apps on AWS for 100,000+ users. Prior to Gruntwork, he was the founder of Phoenix DevOps, a consulting firm specializing in AWS that delivered DevOps best practices to Intel, Infusionsoft, and many other companies internationally. Previously, he founded Omedix, a healthcare IT company that serves over 2,500 physicians and 1,000,000+ patients nationwide.