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I started this group in order to share lessons learned about using the Amazon API's, EC2, ELB, S3 and other services.

The purpose of this group is to network and collaborate about Amazon Web Services along with providing specific techniques and examples for interacting and configuring the services.

All levels of application developers up to senior IT leaders will benefit from attending group meetings.

This group is sponsored by Leostream

Leostream is a vendor-agnostic platform that allows organizations and service providers to build a hosted desktop and application (VDI or DaaS) environment customized for their needs.

• Automate control of compute capacity in AWS EC2, including launching, shutting down, and terminating EC2 desktop instances based on user demand.

• Simplify remote access for users with desktops hosted as AWS EC2 instances isolated in private networks.

• Support high-performance display protocols to allow complex, graphics-intense applications for Oil & Gas, Media & Entertainment, and Engineering & Design to be hosted in AWS.

For more information about Leostream, contact sales@leostream.com

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Enterprise Cloud Architecture (ECA) for Private and Public Clouds

What components are needed to create an enterprise-level cloud
computing architecture that supports mission critical
applications? What is the best way to build fault tolerant and
automated private and public clouds? What are the key features
of an ECA-enabled cloud?

I'm the product marketing director for Morphlabs' mCloud On-
Demand product, and I would be interested in discussing our
views on Enterprise Cloud Architecture and providing a real-
life demonstration of enterprise cloud computing using our
mCloud On-Demand product at a future meeting. We would also be
interested in participating in a panel discussion on enterprise
cloud architecture with representatives from other companies.

We are based in Manhattan Beach, CA and our CTO lives in Orange County, so it would be very convenient for us to come to a Meetup.

More on Enterprise Cloud Architecture at
https://mor.ph/blogs/w... (https://mor.ph/blogs/what-so-important-about-enterprise-cloud-architecture)

Allow for a migration path between AWS Regions and Availability Zones

Not sure why we dont have this type of solution yet but I believe its an important one to have. Case 1: We have customers that span all over the world. Logically it would make sense to have our provisioning system build a server that is based on 1 Image that can be built in any Region based on customer location.
Case 2: A customer wants to have their server moved to a closer region (less hops) we currently have no "Real" method of doing this.

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