Join AWS for Builder Day in Miami

Hosted by AWS User Groups of Florida-Doral

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AWS User Groups of Florida-Doral
AWS User Groups of Florida-Doral
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Join AWS for Builder Day in Miami in the Dolphin Mall!

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Battleships, cloud, machine learning and more! If you are a technical builder who wants to dive into machine learning, and join a hands-on team where you compete with other ML-beginners for the most competent models set in a fun and engaging way, AWS Builder’s Day is for you!

During this free technical workshop you’ll get hands-on experience for designing production machine learning and deep learning systems using Amazon SageMaker. Attendees will acquire new skills in a fun and exciting way. You’ll be part of a team where you’ll build a set of models that are designed to play a Battleship-like game. Based on the classic board game, you will be challenged to produce new models that learn from previous games, read the newest environment, and make a move that will identify and sink your opponent!

How AWS Builder’s Day Works:

Attendees will be given instruction on how to build a basic model.
Teams will start with a data set and will use course materials to create a SageMaker endpoint. Their endpoint will be called periodically with new data not in the data set and will be scored based on:
A successful response
The correctness of response
The speed of response
Teams can win by focusing on model accuracy, performance, or cost.

The challenges associated with operating at scale have been removed in the cloud, and it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to collect data, store it, and build custom machine learning and deep-learning models. AWS C5 instances, with the computational power of the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, enables you to create intelligent and innovative new products and experiences, powered by machine learning.