FridayFunNight - How to Use *Power of Suggestion* to Thrive & Prosper RIGHT NOW?

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Here's your ONLY chance to find out a SECRET perfected by multi billion dollar companies that YOU can also use in every day life to enhance your present & YOUR FUTURE starting immediately!

I am VERY EXCITED to announce our speaker is none other than one of the highly sought after nationally acclaimed hypnotist, Paul B. Parsons.

Paul is an accomplished hypnotist entertainer having performed over 2000 shows for high schools, colleges and corporate events.

He has received national acclaim as an entertainer.

The knowledge of the subconscious mind has enabled him to translate this into the business world.

Ever wonder why you buy one product over another when you know nothing of either?

You do make a choice based on something, but is comes from a "gut" feeling. You make decisions all the time based on that same gut feeling.

Advertisers use this all the time. They program you to believe one is better than another, and you believe it.

It's all about the power of suggestion. This power of suggestion is very, very strong.

This same power of suggestion happens when communicating to others.

Non-verbal communication is the key to this...(which means ANYONE can use it)

Do you have any idea how to promote or use this in EVERY DAY life?

Most likely not...Right?

Paul will take YOU into the world of the sub-conscious mind.

Feel it, learn it and use it to ENHANCE your present and YOUR FUTURE starting immediately!

You can use this strategy to get a better paying job, more clients and customers, improve your relationships with husbands, children, co-workers, friends or anyone else for that matter.

This evening will be a life changing event for many & I strongly recommend that you attend it!

So where would YOU be? I say RSVP NOW before life happens!!

As Always This Meetup is Completely FREE to Attend.

There will be hot coffee & hot food waiting for you :-)(no charge, no catch whatsoever)


The exact location is shown to members only how ever the venue is less than 5 minutes from Brookfield square mall.

Ami Ahuja :-)

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