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How to Jump-Start Your Happiness!

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Discover the success philosophies, beliefs, thinking and personal behaviors that allow EVERYONE to be HAPPIER.

Right after this live event, You will easily and instantly eliminate your thinking, fears and emotions that block progress and quickly shift into abundance & attraction-mode.

You will be able to eliminate the Thinking & Emotions that hold you back from prosperity, loving relationships and success and they all lead to be HAPPIER. If you want to live boldly, creatively, intelligently, responsibly and take advantages of grand opportunities emerging around you everyday, then this event is definitely for you!

Here are the TEN Amazing Speakers from Our Group for this FREE Live Event. Each one of them will be sharing/speaking for FIVE Minutes.

1. Denise Keenan


Denise would love to support you in BEING YOUR OWN HERO! When you learn to use your mind to its very highest capabilities and become mentally strong, you overcome limited thinking, and expand into the greatest version of yourself. She’ll show you how to feel empowered and confident, and really trust yourself. It's a joyous feeling when you start to realize what an amazing person you are.

Radiant self-love is the greatest gift you can receive. Imagine truly appreciating your value, enjoying and exploring your most precious qualities. Have the life you desire and deserve. Of course you'll want to share your gifts. Shine the Light of your greatest self to your family, friends, and community. Light up the world with your joy. THIS is the greatest, happiest, most loving YOU!

2. Sunni Boehme

How would you like a tip sheet for”28 Ways to Get Happy"?

Sunni has been helping people "Light up their lives" for 30 years and she's sharing the tips and giving YOU a sheet to take home because she can't share all 28 ways in 5 minutes.

Come and "Light up your Life".

3. Joyce Biese

Regain your power Happy For No Reason

When we hold in our possession the right skills and knowledge, we are filled with confidence, joy and vigor. Life’s let-downs slowly and subtly wear away at our power in small increments, and one day we realize that we are living with the sole objective to get through another day, numbed and ineffective.

Joyce will show you what empowerment is, how to regain power and ultimately put you back in charge of your own happiness. The techniques are easy to apply and will have you feeling more restored even before the session is over.

4. Kat Morrow

The Joy Of Looking & Feeling Your Best!

When you feel valued by the important people in your life….our partner, family, friends, colleagues, clients…it surely brings you great joy. Knowing you are touching someone’s life in such a meaningful way and appreciated for your efforts fills your own heart with happiness.

Giving to others is noble…but in giving to ourselves we often feel selfish. However, if we look at filling our body, mind & spirit up with good nourishment, might that not translate into giving more of our “best” self to those we care about? Happiness can come from taking pride in looking and feeling your best. You are so worth it!

5. Sarah Schwab

"Create Happiness"

Creativity is an innate human capacity. If you ignore it, you deprive your soul of its voice. If you embrace it, it can lead you to places you can only imagine. Let's look at how being creative can make us happier!

6. Nancy Jo Baratti

I have learned, from little on, that the best kind of personal happiness comes from investing in the lives of others. While we all need "alone" time to think, pray and set goals for ourselves, I think that dwelling on ourselves EXCLUSIVELY will actually depress us.

When we order our priorities correctly, putting God first, than family and friends, we are then free to attend to our own needs in a healthy way. A great business example is Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, who’s very successful Company was founded on this principle, and the Golden Rule. She used to say, "In this order, everything works....out of this order, nothing works."

7. Jody Pogorzelski

5 Minute Happy Habits:

Jody Pogo - Passion Coach will share with you 5 habits that can help boost your happiness levels. Everyone has a right to feel happy. Everyone has the time. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to get started. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to keep it going. Ready to spend 5 happy minutes with Jody to learn how?

8. Judy Haan

Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit to Achieve Happiness

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As Always This Meetup is Completely FREE to Attend. There will be hot coffee & food waiting for you :-)(there is no charge whatsoever forr entry or food)

Ami Ahuja :-)

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