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    Hello Friends, Hope you’re doing well and all set to have fun this summer…well I am J starting with Chicago & Milwaukee. Yes, besides meeting my mom, dad & few friends, I’m here in Milwaukee today for a very important reason. Few months ago I met a very successful self made entrepreneur, Nita Dalal, in Atlanta. I was intrigued by her lifestyle, as she travels the world, stays in top notch hotels, and a whole lot more. And she generates close to 7 figures while educating families. This afternoon Nita, a bank teller few years ago, is sharing her secret to success with my husband Sonny’s close friends & mastermind members. The presentation starts at 2.00 this afternoon and should be done by 4.00 so we have the entire evening available afterwards. So I asked Nita if she would be willing to go through her entire presentation again for my friends and group’s members…and she has agreed. Therefore now we have a 2nd presentation TODAY at 5.00 pm. This is only for those who are motivated enough to get financially independent, understand how money works, how to get 8-9% consistent growth with zero risk and a lot more. Since we only have a board room instead of a conference room which I usually have, I only have 15 seats available. If you feel this makes a good fit for you please RSVP now. You are welcome to bring your spouse or significant other. Only ONE guest per member is allowed due to limited seats. Looking forward to seeing some of you this evening at 5.00 pm :-) Ami Ahuja Helping Women Achieve Their Dreams Board Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner (co-founder www.Grandperfumes.com)

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    Organizer - Ami Ahuja YESSSS, WE ARE BACK AFTER ONE YEAR... Discover the success philosophies, beliefs, thinking and personal behaviors that allow EVERYONE to be HAPPIER. Right after this live event, You will easily and instantly eliminate your thinking, fears and emotions that block progress and quickly shift into abundance & attraction-mode. You will be able to eliminate the Thinking & Emotions that hold you back from prosperity, loving relationships and success and they all lead to be HAPPIER. If you want to live boldly, creatively, intelligently, responsibly and take advantages of grand opportunities emerging around you everyday, then this event is definitely for you! Here are the TEN Amazing Speakers from Our Group for this FREE Live Event. Each one of them will be sharing/speaking for FIVE Minutes. 1. Denise Keenan BEING YOUR OWN HERO! Denise would love to support you in BEING YOUR OWN HERO! When you learn to use your mind to its very highest capabilities and become mentally strong, you overcome limited thinking, and expand into the greatest version of yourself. She’ll show you how to feel empowered and confident, and really trust yourself. It's a joyous feeling when you start to realize what an amazing person you are. Radiant self-love is the greatest gift you can receive. Imagine truly appreciating your value, enjoying and exploring your most precious qualities. Have the life you desire and deserve. Of course you'll want to share your gifts. Shine the Light of your greatest self to your family, friends, and community. Light up the world with your joy. THIS is the greatest, happiest, most loving YOU! 2. Sunni Boehme How would you like a tip sheet for”28 Ways to Get Happy"? Sunni has been helping people "Light up their lives" for 30 years and she's sharing the tips and giving YOU a sheet to take home because she can't share all 28 ways in 5 minutes. Come and "Light up your Life". 3. Joyce Biese Regain your power Happy For No Reason When we hold in our possession the right skills and knowledge, we are filled with confidence, joy and vigor. Life’s let-downs slowly and subtly wear away at our power in small increments, and one day we realize that we are living with the sole objective to get through another day, numbed and ineffective. Joyce will show you what empowerment is, how to regain power and ultimately put you back in charge of your own happiness. The techniques are easy to apply and will have you feeling more restored even before the session is over. 4. Kat Morrow The Joy Of Looking & Feeling Your Best! When you feel valued by the important people in your life….our partner, family, friends, colleagues, clients…it surely brings you great joy. Knowing you are touching someone’s life in such a meaningful way and appreciated for your efforts fills your own heart with happiness. Giving to others is noble…but in giving to ourselves we often feel selfish. However, if we look at filling our body, mind & spirit up with good nourishment, might that not translate into giving more of our “best” self to those we care about? Happiness can come from taking pride in looking and feeling your best. You are so worth it! 5. Sarah Schwab "Create Happiness" Creativity is an innate human capacity. If you ignore it, you deprive your soul of its voice. If you embrace it, it can lead you to places you can only imagine. Let's look at how being creative can make us happier! 6. Nancy Jo Baratti I have learned, from little on, that the best kind of personal happiness comes from investing in the lives of others. While we all need "alone" time to think, pray and set goals for ourselves, I think that dwelling on ourselves EXCLUSIVELY will actually depress us. When we order our priorities correctly, putting God first, than family and friends, we are then free to attend to our own needs in a healthy way. A great business example is Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, who’s very successful Company was founded on this principle, and the Golden Rule. She used to say, "In this order, everything works....out of this order, nothing works." 7. Jody Pogorzelski 5 Minute Happy Habits: Jody Pogo - Passion Coach will share with you 5 habits that can help boost your happiness levels. Everyone has a right to feel happy. Everyone has the time. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to get started. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to keep it going. Ready to spend 5 happy minutes with Jody to learn how? 8. Judy Haan Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit to Achieve Happiness RSVP now to save your spot since we have limited seats. As Always This Meetup is Completely FREE to Attend. There will be hot coffee & food waiting for you :-)(there is no charge whatsoever forr entry or food) Ami Ahuja :-) Empowering Women to Achieve their Dreams! Board Certified Law-Of-Attraction Advanced Practitioner!! (owner & co-founder GrandPerfumes.com (http://bit.ly/Grandperfumes)) Live Positively with Ami's Umbrella: 8 Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Happiness! (http://bit.ly/AmisUmbrella)

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    Free Online Conference Dear Amazing Friends, Here's an event that I've been personally following lately and feel it can help EVERY single woman: It's a COMPLETELY FREE ONLINE CONFERENCE! Below is Your Invitation To The Most In-Depth, Life-Changing Women’s Weight Loss Event of 2014! Access it FREE from your computers or ipads. (http://bit.ly/1tbWnGA) 40 Of The Foremost Weight Loss Experts On The Planet Come Together To Reveal The Real Secrets (http://bit.ly/1tbWnGA) To Melting Stubborn Fat Faster, Stopping Premature Aging In Its Tracks, Softer, Younger Skin, Creating Youthful, Abundant Energy, And So Much More! · Burn fat off of your trouble areas: your belly, hips, waist, and thighs · Drop dress sizes & fit into your favorite clothes again · How to build sexy, toned muscles – without spending hours in the gym · Look and feel younger, sexier, happier, and more vibrant · Reverse the devastating effects of aging on your body · Eat delicious foods without bloating, weight gain, or digestive issues · Drop those last stubborn pounds of baby weight If you’ve ever tried to lose weight before, you’ll already know it’s not dropping those first few pounds that’s the hardest… …it’s keeping them off! Best part? This event is completely FREE. (http://bit.ly/1tbWnGA) Each session is jam packed with PRACTICAL, step-by-step, “do this, do that” information guaranteed to help you take action and get you the weight loss results you want as quickly and safely as possible. As you watch each FREE presentation inside For Women Only (http://bit.ly/1tbWnGA): The Weight Loss Solution, you’ll discover: · Why your thyroid may be to blame for your weight gain (and how to fix it) · The truth about digestion and fat loss… · How to get your kids making the right food choices on their own… · How to lose 20 pounds effortlessly in a month… · The remarkably satiating food that stops bingeing and overeating (http://bit.ly/1tbWnGA)… · How to ‘cheat’ with desserts and still lose weight… · How to conquer emotional eating disorders… · Simple body “hacks” to balance your hormones… · How gluten really affects weight loss… · The surprising link between fat and fat-burning (it’s not what you think)… · How to beat your sugar addiction · How to heal autoimmune diseases that are stopping your weight loss in its tracks · The #1 dangerous exercise to avoid · The amazing truth about how bacon and chocolate can keep you happy AND healthy… · and much, much more! - See Complete Details by Clicking Here (http://bit.ly/1tbWnGA) Get Your FREE Bonus Today! (http://bit.ly/1tbWnGA) Much Love, Ami Empowering Women to Achieve Their Dreams! Board Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner Owner & co-founder www.GrandPerfumes.com (http://www.grandperfumes.com/Default.asp) P.S. Feel free to forward the link to your friends, family and co-workers too! P.P.S. Get Your FREE Bonus Report Today: “The Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight” (http://bit.ly/1tbWnGA)

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    Dear Friends, This is NOT Friday Fun Night (our traditional event). Instead I have partnered with my husband at HIS event. So feel free to bring your husband, boy friend or partner but you MUST RSVP them with you. If you are (or are interested in becoming) ANY of the following, our next LIVE EVENT is for you: 1. A Consultant of any kind. 2. A Coach of any kind. 3. A Social Media Expert. Many of you've asked me when will Sonny be back as a speaker. Although he is not available to come back at our Friday Fun Night, I am partnering with him at his next event which is also at no charge. Knowing that a lot of our members are consultants, coaches and experts, I am SUPER excited to announce that he will be revealing SECRETS that only successful consultants, coaches & experts know off which help them generate easily a SIX FIGURE annual income. On Friday, Aug 8th at 6.30 PM my smart, intelligent, handsome husband Sonny, winner Milwaukee 6-pack 2014, is holding a free LIVE training where he'll reveal a SYSTEM followed by MANY successful consultants, marketers, experts and coaches that EASILY make a SIX FIGURE annual income. The LIVE event is absolutely FREE to attend. There is no charge what so ever. If you want solid, actionable training that you can immediately USE to grow your business, then RSVP NOW! Sonny will be showing how to build a high paying consulting practice from scratch.If you're looking to take the knowledge you have now and turn it into a predicable and consistent revenue source, this training is for you. Since this meetup is also announced at 2 other local groups, the seats will fill out fast so I strongly suggest you RSVP immediately. Much Love, Ami (owner & co-founder www.GrandPerfumes.com) Board certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner Empowering Women to Achieve their Dreams! P.S. Sonny will show you how to get clients, how to keep them happy, how to generate leads ...everything. P.P.S. This is your ONLY opportunity to attend this training for FREE as Sonny charges $297 for his workshops and training. You better RSVP now before he changes his mind or all the FREE seats are gone. Here’s More about Sonny: http://www.sonnyahuja.com/about/ (http://www.SonnyAhuja.com/) http://www.meetup.com/KiLLitOnLine/events/188623232/ So if you are a consultant, coach or an expert who wants to find out what it takes to increase your income or if YOU want to become a successful consultant, coach or an expert join me, our speaker Sonny and hundreds of other members. This will be ONE BIG NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY for sure :-)

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    Creating More JOY in Your Life! 7 simple things ANYONE can do to live a life that feels better for them and anyone else they come in contact with. For our June 20th Friday Fun Night, we have the ONE and ONLY, fun and fabulous, Passion Coach and Speaker Extraordinaire: JODY POGO She will be sharing some tips on how to: - Enjoy your life to the fullest - Find Happiness everywhere - Brighten the lives of others - Feel Abundant in your current life - Laugh more often Too often we go through the paces in our lives, get overwhelmed, get busy and lose sight of the simple pleasures. Jody wants to give you some SIMPLE key things you can use RIGHT AWAY to create more happiness and feelings of fulfillment in your own life. This is SURE to be a night of: - FUN - LAUGHTER - INSPIRATION - ENTERTAINMENT You do NOT want to miss this one! So come on out and support one our FIRST and ORIGINAL “A Woman’s Journey” members as she shares her Joy and Expertise with us. Again… For those of you who were with us our first year, you may have remembered her 1st presentation: “Creating a Life You Love While Washing Your Dirty Dishes”. It was a real CROWD PLEASER and gained RAVE reviews. Here’s the inside scoop about Jody: Jody Pogorzelski, AKA “JodyPogo - Passion Coach”, is a Certified Life Coach and Public Speaker who fearlessly brings her intuitive gifts to the table to transform the lives of others in fun and creative ways. She helps individuals to reconnect with their true, authentic selves to gain clarity on the things they REALLY want to be, do, have and feel. She puts the power in their hands and guides them into creating the passionate, joyful life they were MEANT to live. Jody sees the “Extraordinary in the Ordinary” and offers a refreshing perspective on the so-called normalcies of everyday life, allowing her clients and audience to see the things that are going right,rather than wrong, and how to attract more of what they desire. To see what others (including me) have said about her previous presentations check out her website: http://www.jodypogo.com/testimonials/ RSVP NOW (http://www.meetup.com/AWomansJourney/events/149239492/) to save your spot. As Always This Meetup is Completely FREE to Attend. There will be hot coffee & snacks waiting for you :-) (there is no charge whatsoever for door entry or food) Much Love, Ami :-) Board Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner Visit my blog: www.AmiAhuja.com (http://www.amiahuja.com/) (owner & co-founder www.Grandperfumes.com (http://www.grandperfumes.com/Default.asp) PS: Don’t forget to spread the JOY and invite your friends, co-workers and family members too. Be sure to add +1, +2, +3, etc… to your RSVP (http://www.meetup.com/AWomansJourney/events/149239492/).