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Do you know that thing you've always wanted to do but have never done for whatever reason, or that you keep putting off? We're a support group for goals, let's make that thing you'll do 'someday' a thing that you'll do today. Bring your goals and your willingness to change your life we will handle the rest collectively by inspiring and encouraging one another to achieve all of our dreams/goals.

We're a life-list group that meets every week to learn how to make all the things we want to do "someday" into things we start doing TODAY!

Here's what some of our members have done in the last year:

- write a book

- start a non-profit in the Dominican Republic

- make a short film and enter it in Sundance

- brew beer

- record an original song

-find love

Do you have something you've always wanted to do, but haven't gotten around to starting? This is your chance to make it happen.

We have activities and homework assignments that are geared towards getting us to what we want while having a great time with cool and interesting new friends.

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Insight on how each meeting goes:

Axen Club Orlando Meets on a weekly basis to come together as a group to support another in achieving our goals we have established we want to accomplish in our lifetime. Better yet we create our life goal, or if you don't know what that could be yet for you, we then can help you figure that out as time goes by! Everyone start somewhere, and its better to start somewhere than nowhere!

We set up weekly goals and a monthly goals each meeting(s) to inch OR leap our way to getting things done that we all commonly leave to the side regularly in our lives.

As a group we come to discuss at the beginning- someone shares their insight for the week, and we then split up into smaller groups to each have their own personal interactive talking time to go over each one's week for a certain amount of time. Respecting everyone's time.
We dive in deep about what we have been able or not able to do, and why. We support another by giving suggestions, references, and/or connections we can offer to them.
(NOTHING THAT INCLUDES MARKETING DIRECTLY TO SOMEONE- only can give services if a person specifically asks for that type of help. You can assist by directing someone. This is strictly a support group, a community - not a networking event. Do not make anyone uncomfortable or obligated to buy something from you.You are welcomed to share what you do, and that way people who possibly are interested will reach out to you if they please. We are passionate about this being a SAFE space.)
We use methods to help identify and conquer any mental, physical, or situational obstacles we may be facing! Example: S.M.A.R.T. and S.W.O.O.P. You will see when you attend what that cool stuff all entails

Your first assignment will be to begin you 150 Axen Item list! This will help sketch out the life you want to live, and make you realize the things you want to do! Putting it on paper will make all the difference and after X amount of goals you will possibly hit a blanking point. This will make you dig a little deeper. (: Complete this at your own pace, but don't forget to get it done as soon as you can.
We reference this list for our monthly goal to achieve and for things to begin crossing off to say we have finally accomplished. These don't all have to be HUGE goals, but cannot be a chore item. Chores are chores, those have to get done anyway. We have all the tools and community to help guide you! :)

And the rest is for you to find out! Come join our Orlando Family!

See you on the mountain top!