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Hold The Space Global Meditation
Each Wednesday night at 9:00pm we hold a brief, collective meditation where we hold the space of loving equanimity for humanity and the planet. Join in from home, or wherever you are. Let's plan on a minimum of 10 minutes and allow yourself to come and go as guided. Holding the space is a much-needed gift of service at this time of planetary changes and crumbling social systems. Please set the intention that you will link up with all other participants as you begin, and then go into meditation or prayer holding the knowing of the perfection of all things as they are. We encourage everyone to leave a comment on the meetup site about their experience each week so we can see what others are witnessing. The collective energy of this gathering will continue to grow as we work together each week and more are called to join us. We hope to "see" you all on Wednesday nights! The AYE Team

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Welcome to the Charlotte branch of the Add Your Energy Global Collective!
Ancient teachings say that everything is consciousness/energy, and today’s science is proving it. There is a collective “mind” to which we all belong and we experience a collective reality depending on the level of consciousness held by the collective. Taking a cue from scientific research done on the power of group meditation/prayer to alter the collective experience, and from the success shown by large global meditations such as Fire the Grid, a team of people formed the Add Your Energy Global Collective.
Our only desire is to draw people together in meditation/prayer at specific times so that the collective energy of the group will be exponentially amplified, thus creating the biggest impact possible for humanity and the planet. We hold a monthly 2 hour meditation which is facilitated locally, and also hold a 10 minute weekly, remote “Hold the Space” meditation (join in from wherever you are).
ALL are encouraged to join with us, either in group settings, or in the privacy of your own home. We don’t recognize religion, lack of religion, country, or culture. We are ALL ONE in the eyes of the Universe and we are all capable of consciously assisting in the creation of a world we would all want to live in. Come to meditate, come to pray, or come to just sit in the space with others….but just come!
There is a lot of work to be done, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Let’s all do our part by holding the space of loving equanimity together!
In gratitude,
The Charlotte AYE Team

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