New Moon Antahkarana Meditation (12noon & 8pm)

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We'll be holding one at noon and one at 8pm. Attend just one or both for the same price. Join The Kumara Center for a special antahkarana balancing and energizing meditation every month on the day of the new moon.

The antahkarana (rainbow bridge, silver cord) is the conduit between the physical self, the higher self and the monad, or your divine nature. A spiritual link to higher consciousness, the antahkarana functions as a vehicle of wisdom and clarity of purpose in our daily lives and its expansion is greatly enhanced by meditation.

Each month's new moon ushers in unique and powerful energies from the sun which benefit humanity and the planet, and you can take full advantage of this opportunity for spiritual advancement by going into meditation at that time.

Shusara tunes into the heightened new moon energies and creates music playlists to work specifically with them, while also utilizing scent to support the clearing and lifting of energies within the group she is facilitating. She brings in heightened and rarefied energies to help clear and balance your four lower energetic bodies, creating space for the expansion of your consciousness. Each meditation is a sacred, powerful experience for all who attend.

The meditations will last approximately 1 1/2 hours and it is recommended that you wear very comfortable clothing, remove your jewelry and use a meditation pillow or yoga mat if you prefer to meditate on the floor. We recommend drinking lemon water to help clear and purify the body after meditation.

The ​energy exchange for this meditation is $20. Click on our PayPal link to register ( and receive your Zoom link. Email questions to [masked].