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The only thing that doesn't seem to be at a complete standstill these days is need. Our community's needs haven't stopped and our desire to assist has only been strengthened. For this reason, your AZGiveCamp Organize-Nerds have decided to hold a one-day Hackathon of Help from Home.

We will have multiple teams working on different projects for one non-profit organization in this first non-face-to-face event. See the video for details of the project and to figure out how you can best help.


Join us virtually on May 2 from 9am to 5pm. Further information will be sent via Meetup prior to the event to anyone who RSVPs. The event may be virtual, but the help is real!

Arizona Crime Victims Law Group
"[Crime victims] never asked to be a part of the criminal justice system and they never asked to be a victim. What happened is, a crime was committed on them and as a result, our organization provides a lawyer to that victim, to provide them with a voice -- a voice through the criminal justice process, a voice to give input to what type of crime should be charged, what type of plea offer if any should be offered to a defendant, what restitution for economic losses need to be recovered by the victim from the defendant, what type of punishment there should be..." - Dan Levey, Arizona Crime Victims Law Group

What we'll be working on
- Create new logo
- Create / modify website theme to include new logo / branding
- Create LinkedIn business account, add employees to organization
- Apply new branding to Facebook & build new post template
- Apply new branding to LinkedIn & build new post template
- Add content and pages to Wix site