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We are living in unprecedented times. Natural disasters are escalating at an alarming rate, global economies are failing, double-digit unemployment, terrorists are threatening the security of the common man and climate change is affecting the ability of our food chain to provide adequate supplies to our communities. Add to this questionable politics and sneaky corporate policies and we have a recipe for crisis on our hands. While we are facing enormous challenges ahead, our focus is to not be a fear-based group. We are a learning and sharing group but believe strongly in the motto, "If you can't protect it, its not yours". We regularly look for experts in their field who will volunteer a few hours to train a class. Then, we look for free venues to hold the class. Once those two things are complete, we announce the meetup to all of our members.

Our focus is to propel our community to the next level. Our dream is to raise core competencies so that every person in every household, become self-sustaining in the event of a disaster.

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Past events (345)

Go Bags and Evacuations

University of Arizona, Downtown Phoenix

Southwest Micro-Living Expo

Shemer Art Center

Carbine 2 (Intermediate)

Private Range @ Ben Avery Shooting Facility

Tactical Pistol 2 (Intermediate)

Private Range @ Ben Avery Shooting Facility

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