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D is a modern programming language with syntax readability similar to Python and speed on par with C/C++. Therefore, it is an attractive language for writing high performance programs to deal with big data. It is a great alternative for C and C++, while still able to interoperate with existing C/C++ libraries. This makes the transition smooth.

D is also a good language to build applications for end users to run on home computers running MacOS, Linux, or Windows.

I am taking up D for my work in bioinformatics, and really like the D community and want to attract more D users in Aalborg. Look forward to seeing many of you :)

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Learn D and basic algorithms by making games

meeting room 3.122 - 3.128

(Beginner Topic) Creating a small TTracker plugin

meeting room 3.122 - 3.128

Jul og nytår hygge :)

meeting room 3.122 - 3.128

Vibe.d and Diamond Introduction

meeting room 3.122 - 3.128

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