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Trail & Treats: Mill Lake Park

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This womyn's only meetup group is for Les, Bi, Androgynous (LBTQ) interested in meeting, socializing and having fun with like minded women.
We offer a safe and friendly environment to participate in local activities with other LesBiAns. We hope to have a few things planned which include hiking, biking, dinner, theatre, concerts, and any other events you may want to bring into the group.

This is a social and recreation group that is geared toward networking and making lasting friendships within our womyn's community. Come and meetup with us, meet new friends - expand your network. To access our page faster
Join us on our next meetup and please introduce yourself.

Our private community facebook group can be found here.;

Abbotsford Lesbian Network

Legal Stuff - Liabilities, Obligations and Responsibilities

Various Physical Activities: We are a group composed of volunteers. We are NOT a professional organization or pro trail guides and/or pro event organizers. However, as a group of friends and acquaintances, we will look out for each other. The organizer and any/all assistant organizers and other attendees are in no way responsible and liable for your personal safety and health state, before, during and at anytime after these event. By RSVPing "Yes", for these event, you acknowledge that you fully understand and accept the aforementioned conditions and following event attendance conditions and, you are solely responsible for your own health, safety and well-being before, during and at anytime after the event as stated previously. All attendees shall forever hold harmless the organizers and other attendees and unconditionally waive any liabilities resulting from attending and/or participating in this event.

Guests and Any Other Group Event Attendees

The organizers and/or assistant organizers are not responsible in any way for member guests, pets and kids/children/offsprings/charges, etc. Members who RSVP YES for this event and bring guests, pets, kids/children/offsprings/charges etc. to this event are solely and totally responsible for their own personally invited guests health, safety and well being before, before, during and at any time after the conclusion of the this event. The event organizer(s) and assistant organizer(s) shall be held harmless and shall be unconditionally free forever of any and all liabilities, obligations and responsibilities to any of the attendees, guests and all third party individuals, relatives and representatives

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