What we're about

This is a group for anyone who is experiencing, or has experienced, any form of anxiety and is over 18 years of age. We are primarily a social group and our purpose is to allow anxiety sufferers to form friendships, create support networks and socialise in an environment they feel comfortable in. We don't have any mental health expertise, aside from our own experiences. Our events are varied and we currently meet every second weekend, although we hope to expand this soon.

Our Guidelines:

1. Confidentiality.
Please respect the privacy of fellow members and treat personal conversations as private and confidential. Exercise caution when giving out your personal details, we suggest not giving out phone numbers. Members can communicate via the app and other social media.

2. Be understanding towards each other.
Anxiety manifests itself differently in every individual. If people don't wish to talk, participate in conversations or events, or decide to leave an event early, understand that they may be finding things difficult. Don't pressurise other members or draw attention to them in these circumstances. Don't be offended if a person doesn't wish to exchange personal details with you.

3. Feel free to invite friends.
We welcome guests of members and understand that this may make it easier for some members to attend meet-ups.

4. Respect the choices of others.
As above, we all experience anxiety in different ways and different strategies help different people recover. Please don't criticise the choices others have made, e.g with regards to medication, alternative therapies, holistic healing ect.

5. Make suggestions.
We are a new group and welcome any suggestions to help us develop and meet the needs of our members.

6. Be supportive and positive.
We provide a supportive environment and if you wish to discuss any problems you are facing, we are here to listen. We like to focus on positivity, so try and offer hope and encouragement to others and remember to listen as well as to talk.

7. We are an adults only group.
Sadly, we can't accept under 18s as we do not have any expertise in young people's mental health.

Please direct any general enquiries to the group organiser, Melissa Marr. For event specific questions, please contact the event host.

Mental Health Support in Aberdeen:

Mental Health Aberdeen (MHA). A free information and councelling service in Aberdeen. Accepts self-referrals. https://www.mha.uk.net/

Aberdeenshire 1st Response. Mental health support for those living in Aberdeenshire. No waiting times, accepts self-referrals. http://www.penumbra.org.uk/service-locations/north-area-services/aberdeenshire/aberdeenshire-first-response/

Support In Mind Scotland. Covers a wide range of mental health diagnoses. https://www.supportinmindscotland.org.uk/

Impact Project. Support for adults with long-term mental health conditions. https://www.aberdeenfoyer.com/what-we-offer/health-and-wellbeing/unemployed/

Aberdeen Samaritans. https://www.samaritans.org/branches/aberdeen-samaritans

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