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As of: 11th June 2019 - Currently we have ( 49 members ) This is currently limited by our MEETUP subscription level and approaching capacity. If we reach our target between paid services and donations received we'll create a 2nd MEETUP group to allow another 50 members to Join in the photography fun!

Just think...! If all of our existing member donated just £5.00 we'd easily have enough to fund the group and expand it to 100 members for an entire year ! Here's hoping....!

Please make a donation to help support our group and help it grow now:

AP PHOTOS is Scotland's only NOT-FOR-PROFIT photography company. We are funded purely by donation and the services we provide of which 100% of any and all profits are invested back into the local Aberdeen community. Aberdeen Photographs C.I.C. is a registered Community Interest Company.

Without your support we cannot continue to operate or function to provide our free or paid services to the local Aberdeen community.

This is a group for anyone interested in digital photography, photos, digital image processing, digital work-flows and all thing photography related. All skill levels are welcome. We started this group to meet, assist and teach others about photography. Our MEETUP GROUP is for those that love to take photos or wish to learn about and explore modern digital photography today.

Once we establish a group I'll look to organise more free photo walks, basic camera training and give points, tips and helpful advice on how to improve and develop your photography skills.

Our current MEETUP group subscription costs approx £60 which is paid to MEETUP every ( 6 Months) and is limited to 50 members at this subscription level of basic MEETUP organiser subscription .

Please make a donation to help support our group and help it grow now:

Donating to the MEETUP GROUP FUND will enable us to continue to provide more MEETUP groups,, Free Training and Photographic Support Services to the community and help us expand the group to include more members as soon as possible.

Our current Subscription ends on the ( Oct 8, 2019 ) If we cannot raise enough funds to carry on for a further (6 months) its simply down to our members interests in supporting this support & meetup group.

Periodic Removals from group:

Our Meet-up group is for active members and supporters only. Members that fail to attend, participate or support the group will be removed from time to time on a first in first out basis to ensure only (active members) remain due to group size limitations and lack of donations this is necessary at this time.

No attendance at any previous meet up group sessions to date. No participation in group chats or in relation to group questionnaires.

We will post the current level of donations received to date here for all to see.

Current donations : 5 EUROS ( £4.33 ) - Donated by ( Dianna Bunting ) On 3rd May 2019 ( Thankyou ! )
Current donations : 5 POUNDS ( £5.00) - Donated by ( Amanda Reid ) On 11th June 2019 ( Thankyou ! )
Paid Services: £27.50 - Personal 1 to 1 Photography Tuition ( Group member ) 9th May (Many thanks !)

Current total funds / donations received : ( £36.46 )
Required funds required for next six months for this existing group: £23.54

Required funds for six months for new group expansion: £60.00

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