What we're about

Who we are:

The Aberdeen Science Fiction Book Club meets on the second Thursday of every month in central Aberdeen. We want to be an inclusive group, and we welcome women and men of all ages and backgrounds who want to share their interest in Science-Fiction writing, or who simply want to learn more about SF.

What we do:

Every month we will read the book from the reading list, set in advance by your un-democratically chosen Leaders, then meet up over drinks to give everybody their moment to say what they felt about what we just read - what you liked, what you didn't like, or just what made you laugh or cry. We also have sporadic cinema nights on those blessed occasions that an SF movie receives a general cinema release! In a rare concession to that unreliable friend democracy, movie nights will be announced by email and then arranged to suit the majority of those who are interested.

What we read:

We try to avoid the so-called 'classics' and multi-part series from month to month so that we can try something different every time. Everything from Alternative Histories and new fiction with SF themes to Hard Science Fiction and Space Opera is fair game. We are always open to suggestion, so please just message one of the organisers and we'll add your suggestions to the growing list!

Membership and attendance:

It is free to join the Aberdeen Science Fiction Book Club. However, to give everyone a chance to join the discussion, we will try to limit each meet up to around 15 people should there be a high demand.

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'A Song for a New Day' by Sarah Pinsker

Needs a location


This novel was written before Coronavirus was in the general populations lexicon, but how apt it is.
Pre-pandemic my main photographic hobby was live music, so I feel like I will resonate with this story of a world in lockdown hoping for that sweet strum of the guitar in a crowded room.

As well as the obvious parallels, it touches on mega-corporation control as well, and with talk of Facebook getting a seat on the UN Council, it's apt in more ways than one...

Video link will appear on the day a few hours before the Meetup

Payment: http://paypal.me/voidworks
Or message me for details to bank transfer.

Luce is on the road. Success is finally within grasp: her songs are getting airtime; the venues she's playing are getting larger. But mass shootings, bombings and now a strange contagion are closing America down around her...

Rosemary is too young to remember the Before. She's grown up in a world where proximity to others is not only unusual, it is also illegal. Life as she knows it is entirely online, virtual. But now she's on the road, in the real world, searching for something that, until a few weeks ago, she never knew existed.

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'The Salvage Crew' by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

Needs a location


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