Sunday 11 am Fun Run or Walk with the Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

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Location listed at Look for yellow direction signs and a dozen or so parked cars. If you arrive before me introduce yourself as a new runner/walker. This hash charges £2 towards the drinks and food that is provided. Bring the appropriate footwear and warm running/walking clothes. The object is to follow a mystery flour trail laid by a Hare. Hashers work together finding the flour shouting On On to inform others where to go. The fast runners do most of the leg work with the walkers following. The run is non-competitive as everyone arrives at the end roughly at the same time and the run usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. You are invited to post-run food and drinks at a nearby Inn

FYI: Hashing is a non-competitive form of running with varying trails designed to suit differing fitness levels from mountain runners to very relaxed walkers. It is an international pastime occurring in over 184 countries worldwide. Described as a "drinking club with a running problem", thousands of Hash House Harriers around the world meet every week for some serious exercise and some even more serious refreshment. The idea was born in 1938 when a group of expatriates in Kuala Lumpur instigated a modified hare and hound paper chase. The chase was designed to work up a thirst, or work off a hangover, before retiring to the Selangor Club where drinking would recommence. The club was known locally as the "Hash House" so the name was adopted by the harriers and it stuck. Hashing is a great way to see the Aberdeen and Deeside countryside, parks, forests, castles, beaches, seascapes etc.

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