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In the times of Ascension and arrival of the New Light to our corner of the Universe, we as Humanity are presented with multitude of new ways to heal. In this particular group we present the latest updates about energy work that are currently being channeled, as well as other existing modalities that already have been taught and can be studied with us, such as Universal White Time Healing. The latest workshops on healing will be taught and presented in this group for anyone interested to learn for themselves or intending to bring their healing aptitudes to the table and step up in helping Humanity by uncovering latent gifts. As healers and as students of spirituality, we expand our awareness and our hearts, together we bring closer the New Golden Age, and as a community, we are changing the world day by day.

This group is bringing new teachings such as such as Vibrational language and ways to heal using its symbols; such as Zero Point field techniques; Spacial healing and much more... Please keep in touch as this is the place where you can learn and play with us to grow spiritually and help others to heal and do the same for yourself. We are presenting you with classes, workshops, new techniques and a healing lab - a playground to use your healing skills, guided mediations to travel within this Creation and outside of it, vibrational signs and vibrational art. Come and play with us, and share and teach us what you know.

There will be new meet ups in which you will participate more actively by giving and receiving initiations through light/vibrational language.
By participating you will be helping shift the frequency of our immediate surroundings and hence the reality of our precious world. If you have joined this meet up just to be part of another group but do not participate at least once I kindly request you exit the group. In this group and as a teacher I am interested in those who are willing to invest in themselves two hours here and there to receive life changing frequencies. One visit here will shift you and that is my personal guarantee.
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