What we're about

Say Yes!, and we'll figure it out.

Yes, I want to break the mundane weekly cycle.
Yes, I want my weekends to be more fun.
Yes, I'm new to the country.
Yes, I'm an introvert.
Yes, I'm a foodie.
Yes, I'm an explorer.
Yes, I want to be at new places.
Yes, I like meeting new people.
Yes, I'm looking to make new friends.
Yes, I like backpacking.
Yes, I meditate.
Yes, I hate small talk.
Yes, I love deep conversations.
Yes, I go for late night walks.
Yes, I want to get out of my comfort zone.
Yes, something is stirring inside me to say Yes.

If you said Yes to anyone of the above, join the Yes! utopia.
As a first for you Yay-Sayers, watch the movie Yes Man :)

Let that burning desire that brews in your belly; that tells you there is more in life, but you just don't know how to get to it?

Say Yes! together and achieve more.

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