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Zero Waste is a critical stepping-stone to other necessary steps in the efforts to protect health, improve equity and reach sustainability. Zero Waste can be linked to sustainable agriculture, architecture, energy, industrial, economic and community development. Every single person in the world makes waste and as such is part of a non-sustainable society.

Inspiring advice, tips and recipes on how to live a more balanced, conscious and eco-friendly life by eliminating waste from your daily routine. It's about DIY and making smart and informed choices of consumption. It's also about recycling and composting. It's about supporting and embracing what's local and natural.

It's mainly about living in tune with our environment and community.

We cater to a growing global audience that appreciates and values ​​creativity, innovation, the origin and production processes of goods, and quality over quantity.

"Be the change you want to see in the world”. Gandhi

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