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Welcome to Acadiana Arcana, a group of roleplaying and board game enthusiasts located in Lafayette, Louisiana.

We host several roleplaying games using systems like Dungeons and Dragons, Champions and Pathfinder, as well as the occasional Star Wars or GURPS game. If you don't see a game you're interested in within the Meetups section, please don't hesitate to post in the 'Discussions' section with information on what type of game you're looking for. Hopefully we can find something that works for you.

Sword N Board, a gaming store in Lafayette, also hosts a D&D night every Wednesday night starting at 6 pm. If you're looking to get into a game that is another excellent place to look. We also have a facebook group, called Acadiana Arcana as well, where you can post and find information about games that may not be posted on this site.

Acadiana Arcana also hosts a board game night every Wednesday where we meet and play whatever board games members bring along. If you're looking to share board games you own or try some that others own, we welcome you to stop by and join in.

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Interest Check for a D&D 3.5 Campaign(canceled)

Dave's house

We are thinking of starting a new D&D 3.5ed Campaign, but want to see if there is any interest first. We are new player friendly and can teach the system. It would be once a month for about 5 to 6 hours a session. Please respond only if you are seriously interested. Planning out a game takes a lot of time , so folks that show up once then go silent kind of disrespect the folk who put hours in to entertain them. The date is not exact I just had to post a date.

Weekly Board Game Night

Anubis Games and Hobby

Come and join us at Anubis Game and Hobby for our weekly board gaming night!! Sign ups are not required and you do not need to bring any games to participate. This event is open to anyone, whether you're new to board gaming or a veteran. We will have lots of board games to choose from at each event, and people there who know how to play them. Feel free to message if you require any additional details, or tweet @BoardGameGumbo .

Cosmic Champions!!!

Eric's Place

Hello and Welcome. My group and I are currently playing Hero System 6th Edition also known as Champions and we would like to welcome one or two more players to game. We started out with 8 players but due to real life obligation some of them have had to drop or take a long break. We currently have 3 members and would like to get up to 5 or 6 players. Hero System is a point based roleplaying game where we play the role of superheroes and take up the good ole fight to save Creation as we know it. This campaign is very Iron Age, which means the line between hero and villain can become blurred based on your decisions. I have no issues with heroes who are on the edgier side of things. This is a cosmic level superhero campaign that includes going from planet to planet, interacting with intergalactic empires, fighting deadly space bounty hunters, battling cosmic level baddies, and finding/making a place for your character in the cosmos. While most of the characters in the game will probably be unfamiliar to most, I take characters from other popular comics and add them in. I have been GMing this game for a little over a year. I am a pretty flexible Gm and love a good story, even if it may be a little dark. The game is set at 750 pts plus 11 points of experience. If you are not familiar with Hero System, then don’t worry. I have a computer program I can give you to help you with creating characters and we can go over the rules together before or during game. Our game is bi-weekly, every other Friday at 7pm. The game for 10/5/2018 is currently in the air. One of our players just had a kid and the other has to go out of state for that weekend. If we can get one more to join up, then we will have game at my place. Normally our game is at the house of Eric Sullivan. Characters: As I said above, I am big into backstories, love interest, personal connections outside of battle, and strong motivations. Your character does not have to be limited to an Earthling, as our game will likely not take place on Earth until far into the future. There are many races, so please feel free to think up an idea and message me. Only two of our current characters are from Earth, as the other players wanted characters more familiar with the greater galaxy. Together, as we create your hero, we will also create your own personal villain, if you so choose to have one. I have more than enough monstrosities that will want to murder, so don’t feel pressured. This game is filled with lots and lots of options aka freedom. Please message me for more in-depth questions about character creation and interest in the game.

Forgotten Realms 3.5D: the Underdark

Dave's house

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Weekly Board Game Night

Anubis Games and Hobby

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