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There was a lot of request for this group so I decided to make one. The Acadiana Mommies and Munchkins is a new group that welcomes diverse groups of ladies from all different backgrounds and experiences. Some might be professional mommies and others might have had careers before becoming stay at home moms. There might be some working moms that still manage to find time to attend play dates. Mommy ages tend to range from early 20s to mid 40s, but all ages are welcome. Most, not all, of the play dates will be weekdays at 10-10:30ish and some weekend play dates will be included. I will post community events to our calendar so our members have lots of fun things to do! MOMS NIGHT OUT will also be scheduled every once in a while where we can leave the kiddos at home with dad or a babysitter, and go out to have dinner, dessert, or drinks. Play dates are great for kids, but they’re also great for Moms. So even if you think your child is too young to benefit from play dates at this point in their lives, you are still welcome to attend for some much needed mommy social time to spend time with other adults. The group will be a great support for all of us. I am sure there are other mommas who have been there done that, and might have some advice for any struggle you might be facing. If you want to give the group a try, submit a membership request and I will gladly welcome you to the group. You are also welcome to contact me by email if you have any questions. For security reasons, this group will be private and you must be a member to view the calendar, but I guarantee you will find lots of fun things to do and lots of great ladies to spend time with! DADS, GRANDPARENTS, EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO BECOME A PART OF THE GROUP, NOT JUST MOMS!

I looks forward to hearing from/meeting you!

Stefani Wright

Some “Rules”
• You can suggest a meetup as well, but it has to be on a tablet or computer. Mobile devices do not support that function.
• If you create a play date, please make sure you attend that play date and be on time-ish:)
• We may end up exchanging numbers, but for the play dates please communicate through the messaging function under the event you are attending so all of the members who are also attending will be able to respond to you.
• If you mark ‘going’ to a play date and for some reason you can’t make it (emergency, flat tire, baby up all night, life happens) please send a message under that playdate so the other Mommas are not waiting for you or think something happened! You do not have the change you status to ‘not going’.
Also, if you are going to be late, just send a quick message. We all have kids, we all know how it is, let’s be considerate to one another.
• As the organizer of this group, I will also be adding events to our calendar, like parades and festivals, so you can have the option to attend it as a play date or just go with your family. I will mark myself as ‘not going’ and in the meetup description I will note it as an event. I want us to get as much out of this app as we can, so I want to include as much as I can to make that possible!
• Also for events, you can mark yourself as ‘going’ even though it is not intended for a playdate. Either you can talk to the other mom/families that are going and meetup (see what I did there;) ) or maybe you will just see them there and say hi.
• And please help in creating a fun and welcoming environment for other parents!

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