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Very accelerated energies are upon us right now. We are being pushed and pulled to evolve to a much higher level of consciousness at a rapid rate.

The Empowerment Path’s “Accelerated Awakenings” has been created to assist you in moving forward with the most grace and ease. We are here to help educate, inspire, awaken, guide, illuminate and comfort you on your journey.

There are an infinite amount of tools and techniques at our disposal to assist us. We will help you activate your inner knowing and spiritual gifts, so YOU can create the path that best serves you.

A combination of events are offered: events to just sit back and experience, and educational events for those who are interested in the how and why. Here is a sample of some of the topics and techniques to be shared in our classes and retreats:

* Heal and open our heart: Using forgiveness and self-love to unveil the unconditional love within us
* Chakras : Understanding and harmonizing our chakras and energy body
* The crystal kingdom: Harnessing the power of crystals to accelerate our purification and awakening.
* Vibrational healing: Tapping in to many different healing tones and vibrations at our disposal. Gongs, drums, singing bowls, tuning forks, chanting
* Energy practitioners: Understanding the different healing modalities available, training and certifications.
* The power of Breath: Maximizing life force Prana
* Sacred geometry: How to unleash, harness and direct the power that is in everything.
* Merkaba: Understand what a merkaba is and how to re-activate ours.
* Benevolent beings: How to invoke their assistance for the most grace and ease in our journey.
* Tantra and sexual energies: Cultivating and directing sexual energies to assist our purification and awakening.
* Psychic protection: Understanding the different energies present, and learning how to guard ourselves from the unwanted.
* Purification: Methods to assist in releasing limiting beliefs and fears that are holding us back.
* Alchemy: It’s uses on the spiritual path of awakening
* Meditation: Different techniques to quiet the mind and connect with our higher self
* Addictive behaviors: Clear away addictive behaviors to allow space for Divine Light
* Gifted children: How to assist them in feeling comfortable in a society that currently doesn’t understand them.
* Healthy relationships: Spiritual, intimate or friendships, guiding them to be the most beneficial and supporting.

Accelerated Awakening is created by James from The Empowerment Path

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