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God Head Gateway Activation
Greetings Cosmic Courageous Creatrix, Deepen & Awaken Your Connection To The Mind Of Goddess & The Heart Of Creation! Join Me This Saturday, December 15th At 9AM PST/12 NOON EST From The Comfort Of Home To Activate Your God Head & Heavenly Halo Here: Please Note If You Can't Make This Time, You'll Receive The Replay! Re-Birth Your Cosmic Creatrix With Ease & Grace! Can't Wait To Play With You In The Stars! I Love You! Vandana Atara Aura

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Call in # and Webcast Links Emailed Once Registration Is Complete · New York, NY

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Welcome Cosmic Travelers & Multi-Dimensional Light Beings,

Welcome home to your planetary soul family here to vibrationally support and and amplify your light and resolve all unresolved emotional content for you & your ancestors. When you expand your light, you have infinite space and unlimited energy to shine your inner light to others as a lamp lighters & change agent for all beings on this planet & beyond.

Experience Living Light Infusions to help you ascend & evolve with total ease & step into our greatest potential as divine creators & infinite beings. Light is healing because it radiates and raises the energetic and physical vibration of all it encounters. All it takes is the willingness to say yes and receive it. This expression of the infinite oneness and magical possibilities is beyond our human perception so this process of purification manifests differently for everyone. Please know you are being guided and supported by these realms of light and by your higher self at all times.

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