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What is Access Consciousness? Access Consciousness is an energy transformation program which link seasoned wisdom and ancient knowledge with highly contemporary and practical motivational tools. Its purpose is to set you free by giving you access to your truest, highest self and to empower you to know what you already know. So if you are a parent, business owner, employee, husband, wife, significant other, spiritual seeker and a person who just wants more in their life, I invite you to join us as we let go of whatever makes us stop and play small.

We’ll explore questions like:

What if you were sabotaging your ability to receive abundance and success without realizing it?

What if you had unconscious limits on the amount of prosperity, accomplishment, and even love that you could receive?

What if you could change a few simple things in your everyday habits, life and living space that would help you attract more of what you want personally and professionally?

And cover topics on:

Creating Joyful, Empowered and Stress Free life

Empowering your life in every way

Business and relationships: How to make all your business relationships work

Being the change you want to see in the world

Creating your phenomenal health

Anti-aging, weight management, beauty and wellness with ease

Having a communion with your body

Success, prosperity and leadership in all areas of your life

Personal Relationships: bettering family, love and friendships

And more….

The idea behind this group is to create a place for all people and things "Access Consciousness" to come together in Southern California from San Diego to Thousand Oaks. If you are a facilitator, contact me directly to see what we can create together.

Welcome to the group. What are the infinite possibilites that we can have when you choose ease, joy and glory in your life?

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