What we're about

Access Creativity can be understood in two ways. If we think of access as a verb then the meaning is about becoming more deeply engaged with our creativity. By accessing new levels of our creative potential we can expand our options in life as well as in our creative work. If we think of access as a noun then the meaning is about what we can bring into our lives through our creativity. Music, poetry, all of the arts can provide access to insight, understanding and spiritual maturity not easily achieved by other means.

The organizers are particularly interested in exploring and expanding the role of creativity in human, social and cultural development. And we are keen on understanding the relationship between the arts and the evolution of consciousness. We are unaffiliated with any existing school, tradition or philosophy. Our focus and dedication is to the work itself rather than to any theories about the work. As such we consider ourselves to be more of a garden than an academy, more of a greenhouse than an institute.

We envision that Access Creativity will grow through…

‘Cabarets’ -- Regular gatherings for sharing and commenting on new work.

Labs -- Collaborative projects undertaken by members for the group and the general public.

Online -- Facebook, Meetup and an online gallery will help us develop relationships


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Cafe Pyrus

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Puran's home

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Puran's home

Get Acquainted - continued

Puran's home

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