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Allowing Series, Class 4 - A Gateway to Expansion
How many times have you created roadblocks for yourself, even when you feel there is something wonderful on the other side of where you are? My Divine Entourage, the Ancient Beings of the Light, have asked that I present 4-part open series to assist you in breaking through those roadblocks and move into greater expansion of self. Many think the opposite of allowing is resistance, but actually it's fear. Allowance is an aspect of trust. It's only through trust that we are able to access our highest creation energies and become all we can be here in this time. During this series, you will experience several clearings and numerous downloads. As always my beloved Entourage will gift us with messages that help us to understand in a deeper way the workings of the Universe in association with the lesson being shared. And of course they will bring in the songs and sounds of the Ancient Harmonics combined with the Language of Light to deliver the clearings and downloads for each of you. Now is the perfect time to move beyond anything you have experienced in this lifetime or others and come to a place of divine love, peace and joy. Now is the perfect time for you to attend a Ceremony of Light. Can't be there in person? You can attend either by phone in real time or by recording. In either case, you must pay for the session at least 6 hours before the class begins. PAYMENT AND INSTRUCTIONS In person, you can pay at the door with cash or credit card. To attend live by phone, send $20 to $30 through PayPal to [masked] at least 6 hours before the Ceremony begins. (Please include your email address, as well, since I send the mp3 and transcript to all attendees.) Upon receipt, I'll send you the phone number and access code to Free Teleconference Call HD. To attend remotely by recording, send $20 to $30 through PayPal to [masked] at least 6 hours before the Ceremony begins. To receive the mp3 and transcript of the Ceremony, you must also include your email address. If you haven't done so, please TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE These sessions are a combination of channeled Divine Messages, high vibrational sound frequencies supporting the lesson, and often the hands-on, individual blessings and anointings from those of my and your Divine Entourages. What's the difference between attending in person and remotely? Energetically there is no difference. When you're there in person, you also enjoy the camaraderie and sharing your experience with others in the class. Oh, and that great chocolate I offer afterwards to help you ground. That's a great part, too. How do you attend remotely? You can attend either by phone in real time or by recording. In either case, you must pay for the session at least 6 hours before the class begins. You send the tuition through PayPal to [masked]. In the notes box, please indicate whether you'll be attending by phone or recording and include your email address so I can send you the mp3 and transcript afterwards. How much do these classes cost? For my open series–which this is–I offer a sliding scale of $20 to $30. This allows those who simply cannot pay more than $20 to attend.| For those who can pay the full $30, I truly appreciate the support. This goes toward MeetUp, Constant Contact and PayLoadz fees (services I use to let you know about the classes and to pass the recordings along to you). It also goes toward the cost of my space and the fine chocolate you get to enjoy after each session. And hopefully, it also provides financial support to me and my work. I feel that's pretty important and hope you do, too. For those who truly can't afford even the $20 but want to experience the great growth and expansion these classes bring, I do offer tuition assistance. To receive this you must contact me either by phone at[masked] or by email at [masked]. RSVP Now to Book Your Space

Mystic Mandala

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What we're about

There are many paths to healing and transformation. I am honored and humbled to introduce into this dimension the transforming frequencies of the Light Beyond All Light and its Enzanic Energies of Healing. This beautiful path of light has unlocked mysteries and forever changed my life.

I am overjoyed to share these life-altering energies and their lessons with those who long to see themselves and the world around them in a new light.

The events offered here take you on a journey of self-transformation, bathing you in the frequencies of purest love and giving you the opportunity to go deeply within where you can incorporate and grow them. This empowers you to access your highest creation energies and realign with your authentic self to create a magical life of love, abundance and fulfillment.

Among other things, these frequencies:

• Transform you into a state of Sacred Self Love from which you can discover and express your magnificence

• Help you recognize and move through life lessons with grace and ease

• Help you tap into the Divine Guidance of your great knowingness

• Unlock codes of light that help you connect with your highest truest self and discover and fulfill your Purpose

• Ignite your DNA and 12-chakra system for reconnection with the All That Is

• Activate and increase your ability to receive and retain light

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