What we're about

There are many paths to healing and transformation. I am honored and humbled to introduce into this dimension the transforming frequencies of the Light Beyond All Light and its Enzanic Energies of Healing. This beautiful path of light has unlocked mysteries and forever changed my life.

I am overjoyed to share these life-altering energies and their lessons with those who long to see themselves and the world around them in a new light.

The events offered here take you on a journey of self-transformation, bathing you in the frequencies of purest love and giving you the opportunity to go deeply within where you can incorporate and grow them. This empowers you to access your highest creation energies and realign with your authentic self to create a magical life of love, abundance and fulfillment.

Among other things, these frequencies:

• Transform you into a state of Sacred Self Love from which you can discover and express your magnificence

• Help you recognize and move through life lessons with grace and ease

• Help you tap into the Divine Guidance of your great knowingness

• Unlock codes of light that help you connect with your highest truest self and discover and fulfill your Purpose

• Ignite your DNA and 12-chakra system for reconnection with the All That Is

• Activate and increase your ability to receive and retain light


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Self Love as the Catalyst for Ascension

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Free Light Infusion and Channeled Message of Love

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