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Ascension Ceremony of Light
Each Ceremony delivers messages of love and wisdom and the divine frequencies to help you with your healing and ascension processes in a unique way. Whatever the focus, they all invite you to move into a higher vibration and help you see everything in your day-to-day life from a higher perspective and to live it fully from that place of vision and understanding. Recently the Ceremonies have focused on the Sacred Heart, that divine portal within the center of your heart that connects you to all that you are in love and light beyond this Earthly realm. In the past few weeks, we've experienced expansion of the Sacred Heart in these Ceremonies: - Sacred Heart - Igniting Codes of Light for Ultimate Love - Inspiration of the Sacred Heart - Sacred Heart - Connecting to the Flow of Divine Love for Self-Comfort Always my Divine Entourage delivers the divine frequencies of the Light Beyond All Light through channeled messages of greatest love and the songs and sounds of the Ancient Harmonics combined with the Language of Light. Now is the perfect time for you to open your heart to greater self love. Now is the perfect time to move beyond anything you have experienced in this lifetime or others and come to a place of divine love, peace and joy. Now is the perfect time for you to attend a Ceremony of Light. Can't be there in person? You can attend either by phone in real time or by recording. In either case, you must pay for the session at least 6 hours before the class begins. PAYMENT AND INSTRUCTIONS In person, you can pay at the door with cash or credit card. To attend live by phone, send $20 to $30 through PayPal to [masked] at least 6 hours before the Ceremony begins. (Please include your phone number and email address, as well, since I send the mp3 and transcript to all attendees.) Just before the Ceremony, I'll call your cell or home phone via Skype. To attend remotely by recording, send $20 to $30 through PayPal to [masked] at least 6 hours before the Ceremony begins. To receive the mp3 and transcript of the Ceremony, you must also include your email address.

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