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This group is for anyone who desires to be loved, understood, valued, and accepted UNCONDITIONALLY for who they are! We're all about "Relationships" for a reason... Jesus wasn't religious at all. In fact, Jesus couldn't stand religion. However, He was very RELATIONAL. And there's a difference. And that difference is very clear. Jesus had only ONE requirement for His disciples...FOLLOW ME (Matt. 16:24). He never forced them to conform to set of legalistic religious rules and dated traditions. Because Relationships matters so much more than mere Religion!

We Love people! Because people matter to GOD! My wife and I are looking for down to earth people who would like to join us as we strategically and prayerfully organize an organic home-groan Christian community in a cozy, family-friendly place-our HOME. We're not trying to build a church, we're trying to build "PEOPLE"! Think of it as a contemporary worship environment, without the chandeliers, red carpet, denominational protocols, and religious cliques. Everyone matters.

So if you desire to meet new people, be part of a small Life-group, build authentic loving friendships, and experience the unconditional love of Jesus, then this group is definitely for YOU. And you don't have be a religious person.

Think of it as a place where people are always glad to see you. And always ready to embrace you, HEAR YOU, and remind you of how much you matter to God!

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