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Your Spouse ... Your Mother-In-Law ... Your Dog? According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “Research shows that when people share weekly progress reports with a friend, their likelihood of success at reaching a goal climbs to 76%”! Admit it! You know what you WANT to do ... you even know HOW to do it ... but when it comes to following through with that critical action needed for success, you fall short ... time and time again ... and the constant struggle seems to never end. You’re not alone! We all need the support of another person to help us

stay on track and hold ourselves accountable.

We all need an “Accountability Buddy”. In this unique, one-of-kind meet up you’ll find that person ...


Come and share your hopes, dreams ambitions and challenges in a

caring, supportive, stimulating and non-judgmental setting.

So, join us weekly and check-in with our awesome accountability buddies and, before you know it, you may be on your way to building the incredible and exciting life you want to live ... will live ... deserve to live. Bring a pencil and paper and rest assured that there will be NO SALES PITCHES!

See you there!


P.S. If you are not around please join our LinkedIn group "Accountability Buddies" where we have virtual weekly Accountability sessions to help us keep ourselves accountable during the week and to be on track: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13704882/

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