What we're about

The aim of this tennis league (ladder) is to encourage regular competitive play against players of similar level. For players, we hope to:
- Have ongoing matches against closely matched opponents
- Expand your circle of hitting partners
- Improve your tennis

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The Idea

- This is a singles tennis boxed league (ladder)
- Entrants are placed in boxes of 5-6 players
- A player plays each other player in the same box once during each round (6-8 weeks)
- Players use standard playing formats: 2 out of 3 sets
- At the end of each round, players are promoted, relegated or remain at the same box depending on their performance
- Players arrange their own matches and share cost of court and balls.

The box league (ladder) is designed to run on an ongoing basis. Players will find their level during the process, and can always expect some new players every round.

FREE to all!

Self Rate Your Own Level

You should be able to serve and play matches. Considering that, generally you have to be at least NTRP 3.5 to join.

This initial grading of players based on NTRP system will help other players know your level.

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Feel free to add me on wechat: dark-pot

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