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My name is Jacki Ueng - VP Business Development "Title Rep" of Ticor Title Company in Los Angeles, a Travel Blogger/Influencer at BohemianVagabond.com and a Real Estate Investor. After writing my latest blogpost, https://www.bohemianvagabond.com/financial-freedom-through-real-estate/ - I have received dozens of messages from friends & acquaintances on how I've inspired them to act faster on their Real Estate Investing Journey (whether it's buying their first home or an investment rental property) and they want to know how to learn more. For most people, this can be your biggest financial investment of your life. It's important to get informed before making that big move.

I decided that the best way to help my friends learn is to hold a One Day Educational Seminar on various subjects in Real Estate Investing for those who may not otherwise have access to this information. Having been in the Real Estate Industry now for over 12 years now, I have met and worked with thousands of Real Estate Professionals across the country. After some deep contemplation, I have hand selected a dozen of quality speakers (Realtors, Lenders, Estate Attorney, Investors, Multi-Family Brokers) from LA and across the Country to introduce various subjects, provide you deeper insight and make you feel more comfortable in starting your Real Estate Journey.

Who Should Attend this Seminar?
-First Time Home Buyers or Investors
-Those interested in making a move on purchasing a 2-4 unit
-Those wanting to break free from being tied down from a 9-5 job & start making Passive Income through Real Estate investing
-People wanting to meet quality Real Estate Professionals to hire

Subjects Covered & Discussed:
-Buying VS Renting the home you live in
-Is it better to invest in a Rental Property while Renting the Home you live in?
-Lending Requirements & Process for Residential / Multi-Family Investments (Direct Lender VS Mortgage Broker)
-Perks of buying Residential Properties, 2-4 Units & Multi-Family (5+ units)
Real Estate Analysis, History & Market Insight
In Depth information on Estate Planning from an Attorney - Wills VS Trusts / Importance of Forming LLCs
Investing outside of LA & Out of State (Speakers from Dallas, Phoenix & Cleveland)
Best Real Estate Online Resources to use
Flipping Properties, Buying at Auction from a seasoned Developer
Property Management, Leasing

What You'll Get on January 12, 2019:
-Wealth of Information on Real Estate Investing
-Quality, Friendly, Knowledgable, Trusted Real Estate Professional Contacts
-Morning Coffee + Lunch + Wine/Cheese Networking

The reality is that everyone knows a Realtor or a Lender. And the truth is is that it's not very difficult to become one. But a good realtor or a quality professional in the Real Estate Field is actually pretty hard to find. Many people I've met have been screwed or mislead by a trusted Realtor. I am hosting this 1 day seminar to share the knowledge and resources I have built and leaving the rest of the day to my trusted network I have hand-picked to help make this day as informative as possible. For most people, buying Real Estate is going to be the biggest investment of their life. It's scary. We're here to make your vision clearer.

Most Real Estate Seminars are hosted to make money or to sell a product/book/program. My goal is to simply share our expertise & knowledge for those seeking it, and naturally in turn, connect you with professionals you can hire to start your home buying process. I have chosen professionals in various markets to provide insight into what I think will be a good intro into buying Real Estate. The cost basically covers the day's expense and 20% of proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit in Los Angeles (TBD).

9:30-10am: Check-in / Coffee Mingling

10: Welcome & Intro into why Jacki's hosting this event, her Journey into investing in Real Estate & how it's afforded her a life of Traveling & getting involved with Charities.

10:15: Intro to "Ethos Society Co-Working Space" (the newest in LA) by Amy Kim

10:20-11:45: Why Real Estate is the best financial investment / Insights from Top Realtors & their Niche Market
--Letty Vermeulen: CEO/Broker of Aspire Realty - Specialist in West Adams, Jefferson Park (an up & coming area - the next Silverlake/Eagle Rock with Breweries and hip Cafe's opening), properties starting at $400,000
--Jessica Dubin: Realtor of Sothebys focused in high-end Santa Monica, Palisades, Malibu market / formerly a realtor in Philadelphia
--Raquel Quinet: Top broker of KW Phoenix/Scotsdale, Motivational Speaker, Full Time Mom of 2 athletic boys and Wife

11:45-12:30: Market Insight, Analysis and Trends by Geoff Jaime, broker of GT Investments, Beverly Hills

------ 12:30-1: Lunch (included) ------

1: Investing into 2-4 units, Property Management
--Edmund Wu, owner of Peak Management Co, discussing Property Management and Real Estate Partnerships for 2-4 units.

1:30: Insights from Multi-Unit, Multi-Property Owners who are not in the Real Estate Field
--Elizabeth Pan: Actress who's invested into a few 2-4 units for Passive Income
--Josh Lau: Former Marketing Director, Full-time Philanthropist currently on a 1 year sabbatical globe trotting. Currently owns 3 properties and is managing 6 properties (17 units) which helps fund his travels

2-2:30: Residential (Single Family to 4 unit) Lending Workshop for Residential (Using Bank Money as Leverage)
--Residential Direct Lender: Ivan Choi of Homestreet Bank
--Residential Mortgage Broker: Zack Nawabi of Delaware Pacific

3: Real Estate Law / Explanation of Estate Planning VS Wills - Why everyone should build a Trust (with or without kids), Importance of having an LLC with every investment property
--Lalit Kundani, Estate Attorney & Partner at Kundani Chang Khinda Wilson LLP
--Simon Khinda, Real Estate Attorney / Partner at Kundani Chang Khinda Wilson LLP (with offices in Downtown LA, Anaheim & San Gabriel)

3:45: Investing in Out of State Properties for under $300,000
--Raquel Quinet: KW Phoenix, Arizona
--Mandria Buttici: KW Cleveland, Ohio + Franchises throughout US
--Michael Seeto: Broker of Seeto Realty in Dallas, Texas (Buying at Wholesale)

4:30: Buying Shortsale/Foreclosure/Auction, Flipping Properties
--JP Coghill, Investor/Developer

5-6: Wine & Cheese Networking

COST: $75 at the DOOR
TICKETS SOLD HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/achieve-financial-freedom-through-real-estate-investing-tickets-51677249043

Jacki Ueng (Host of the Event) VP Business Development "Ticor Title", Travel Blogger/Influencer at BohemianVagabond.com, Real Estate Investor
Lalit Kundani, Trust & Estate Planning Attorney
Jessica Dubin, Realtor of Luxury Homes at Sothebys in West LA
Raquel Quinet, Top Broker of Keller Williams Phoenix, MAPS Coach at MAPS Coaching, Owner/Associate Broker at The Results Group Real Estate
Letty Vermeulen, CEO of Aspire Realty - Specializing in Downtown LA, West Adams, Jefferson Park and Mid-City
Elizabeth Pan, Actress / Real Estate Investor
JP Coghill, Real Estate Investor/Developer, World Traveler, Philanthropist
Geoff Jaime, Founder of GT Investments in Beverly Hills
Ivan Choi, Direct Mortgage Lender at Homestreet Bank
Zack Nawabi, Mortgage Broker at The Mortgage Guy
Geoff Jaime, Broker of GT Investments, Beverly Hills
Mandria Buttici, KW Cleveland, Ohio + Franchises throughout US
Michael Seeto, Broker of Seeto Realty in Dallas, Texas
Josh Lau, Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist, currently on a 1 year Sabbatical Traveling the World
Edmond Wu, owner of Peak Management Co, discussing Property Management and Real Estate Partnerships for 2-4 units

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