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Welcome to the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (OCHM).

While our primary focus is Homeopathic Medicine, we also wish to share valuable information with our MeetUp community members on how to improve your health and that of your loved ones safely, naturally and efficiently. In our group discussions we will talk about specific health topics that are of interest to you and yours as well as practical ways to achieve optimal wellness.

We will give you the tools you need to feel more confident about treating day to day challenges as well as support for your more complex issues.

Homeopathy is the fastest growing form of medicine and has achieved worldwide acclaim as it is able to treat patients on an individual basis. This is a holistic medicine that is non-invasive, gentle, quick, safe and effective. It can be used to treat any health concern; chronic as well as acute conditions.

We are proud to be offering the most comprehensive and extensive homeopathic education available in Ontario since 2001. Our superb academics are available both in class and online, which makes the education accessible to all.

Our one of a kind teaching clinic has been serving the community successfully for over 17 years.

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