What we're about

This group will bring together acoustic guitar players who want to play and sing, and listen to others.
Also we will help others and/or learn from them.
We may jam with other players, picking or just singing.
Who should join? Anyone who wants to pick and sing for or with others, but you must be able to do a few songs and change chords without missing a beat. You should know the basic 15 chords, not sure what they are but I'll say C, C7 F, G, G7, D, D7, Dm, A, Am, A7, E, Em, E7, and B7. That's 15 they're all easy, and there must be several million songs that you could do with them. Everyone will get to do their songs, covers or original, the standard for open mic is three. You could do more, depending on how many people show up, or you could do one or two if you'd rather. Also you'll need to have a good, playable guitar with manageable action, that stays in tune. Political Songs are discouraged. You may want to get your ideas out there, but these days it's like stepping on a land mine. The purpose of this group is not to have political discussions and make people mad. I won't be analyzing every song for possible implications. If I did then you couldn't do songs like After The Gold Rush, and who doesn't love that? To hear what I'm talking about just listen to WNCW or KEXP. We want to keep it about the music.

Past events (2)

First (virtual) open mic, at 2;00 pm, not 7.

5523 S 30th W Ave

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