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Hello, everybody , my name is Miles and it appears I'm at the helm of this group for now, taking over general stewardship from the Ricks (who still peer over my shoulders as the experienced ones!). I''m going to alter the trajectory of this group a bit to be a place where you can meet and play with other musicians on a fun level the accommodates most everybody (but you gotta at least be able to play your instrument!) and also possible recruit folks you like to play with to your own or other jams.

This meetup has grown a lot so these days it appears parks are the only free options for gathering (private homes are too small) unless someone owns a rodeo arena or warehouse. Anyone can post a jam by forwarding the particulars to me (place, date, time) and I'll put it here on the Meetup.com site. If its in a restricted situation like your garage or backyard you can limit the numbers who can attend.

We'll do songs around a circle in time immemorial fashion. If a lot of people show up at a jam we can split into several circles (perhaps folk, rock, country etc) because we all know the smaller jams are usually better and people can bounce around and try other flavors and other circles for a change.

Notes on playing: Please, people are here to make music, please be conscious of that around the jam circle and avoid extended discussion - nothing wrong with a joke, musical suggestion or some such casual talk, but if you want to have a political discussion or something of that order, get out of the circle and take a walk so the musicians can get back to what they came for.

Also, the circle is rather sacred as is keeping the music going. When the turn comes to you, either have a song ready to go or pass it along to the next player. Nobody like to wait while people page thru a small computer or a pile of looseleaf sheets and takes up a lot of other people's time before they settle on something. Also, no giving your song to someone else, you must use it or pass, like a ticket line.

It is better if you play songs that you know well that are fairly simple in chord structure so that others can follow, and its is preferred if you run thru a verse or so and tell people what the chords are, so that others, often of lesser ability, can follow. Passing out sheet music is great if you have some copies. Anything to help everybody join in and have a rewarding experience. Please remember always people are there to make music together, not to admire someone else do their great song. Its not a stage. You may like to play Bach, complex jazz or stuff with 15 chords, but do that at home because nobody at a jam is there to sit there bored doing nothing while the artiste is performing their great vituoso opus. If you can't lead it so a good number of people can musically follow it, leave it at home (or for your first album:-)

It is an acoustic jam, which means no PA or amplifiers. Cahons and hand rhythm instruments are welcome. are welcome. People with instruments much louder than guitars (brass, woodwinds, violin) should play sparingly and try to not play or play very quietly during vocal passages. Lead guitar players should follow the same principles - respect the vocalist, who is usually the song. If they are singing, don't compete at all.

I'll be continuing the Ricks practice of purging the list once in awhile. Generally, if you just can't play at all, are obnoxious in some way, or haven't shown up for a long time will be cause for purging. Membership is not a right, according to Meetup, and as the admin I can do this (but of course not for ethnic or sexual preference types of illegal exclusion). Please do not join this group as a means to promote yourself, your group, service, or product or business.

- so, lets see how all this goes!!! I'll get it started! See jam post.



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