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The Dedham School of Music cordially invites you (and your friends!) to join us for a growing series of Acoustic Jams and musical events.

For novice players - or those who want to start learning Bluegrass - or for shy people - we offer a Bluegrass SLOW JAM the SECOND Tuesday of every month from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. Taught by longtime Bluegrass banjo performer George Chapman and fiddler Pat Rooney, in this 2nd Tuesdays Slow Jam we sloooowly play through  simple traditional Bluegrass songs, offering guidance and encouragement as we go. We make this the safest possible place to get comfortable playing with others.  Players of all levels are welcome and we take special care to provide guidance for beginners and casual musicians.  We are all acoustic, and all are welcome. 

More advanced players  can join us every 4th Sunday 7:00 - 9:00 pm for our Intermediate Bluegrass Jam.  With a number of our Slow Jammers  learning and playing songs in regular tempo, we started this Intermediate Bluegrass Jam. It is intended for players who

• are ready for MORE Bluegrass enjoyment
• know a half dozen (or more!!!) favorite Bluegrass songs or fiddle tunes
• can play those songs by heart (no notes) and (mostly) up to speed
• want to learn more complicated tunes and/or techniques from fellow musicians
At the INTERMEDIATE JAM we expect that you will 
• learn to play instrumental breaks on selected bluegrass songs or fiddle tunes
• pick up simpler bluegrass songs by ear or by watching the guitar chord changes
• bring and play traditional Bluegrass songs . . . not blues . . . nor rock . . . nor even Dylan 

All our Jams are free . . . we "pass the hat" to help cover our rent and expenses.

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Songs we played last jam:

East Tennessee blues
Blue moon of Kentucky
Red river valley
Crawdad song
I am a pilgrim
Homegrown Tomatoes
Little Maggie
Wildwood flower
Bury me beneath the willow
Kady Daley

NOVICE BLUEGRASS JAM aka “SLOW JAM”- This is designed for novice players, Bluegrass beginners, and “re-entry” players on traditional instruments like guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. We use mostly 2 and 3 chord songs, call out the chords, and play the songs slowly. ALL ARE WELCOME

FREE ADMISSION . . . we "pass the hat" to pay our rent at the Church

This Jam is for you if:

· you’ve always wanted to play with others and want a safe place to start

· you want to learn Bluegrass from experienced and seasoned players

· you’re working on the basics of your instrument and want to pick up some pointers, learn some songs and get some help with technique

· you’ve been playing for a while, but those advanced Jam are just too much

· you’re "getting back into it” and want a place to get comfortable again with your instrument

· you have fun playing music and want to get more from your instrument.

Intermediate Bluegrass Jam

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The next Dedham School of Music Intermediate Bluegrass Jam will be Sunday, October 23rd from 7-9 pm.

Bring your traditional acoustic instruments and a few Bluegrass songs to share.

We go around the circle leading songs, taking turns leading breaks, and having a great time picking, singing, and making music together.

It is a Bluegrass Jam, which means we play Bluegrass songs, which can include old country songs done in a Bluegrass style. We’ll help you stay in the genre, learn to lead songs, manage breaks, and do new songs and old.

FREE admission – We “pass the hat” to help support the Dedham School of Music.


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Intermediate Bluegrass Jam

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