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(Semi-Canceled due to weather) Denise and Karel's saturday jam hosted by Wysh

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Update 3/9, 10:15am: If you didn't get my email, here it is:

The road conditions aren't terrible yet, but the forecast is for lots more snow. So I don't want anyone venturing out. And I don't want to show up to find out that everyone else decided not to show. However, I may still show up if the feeling is right. So consider the jam "semi-canceled". Show up if you're feeling adventurous, or you just want a hot drink on a cold, snowy day.

Remember, there's always tomorrow.


While Denise and Karel are traveling around the world on their honeymoon, the Saturday afternoon jam will continue as usual and will be hosted by Wysh. D&K will be back May 18th.

See ( for more information about our jam.

Wysh says:

So our first jam at Cafe de Paris was a success. We're gonna be doing acoustic jams there with a vocal mic and amp (and bass players get to plug in too :). It's a small place and wasn't very crowded while we were there, but we did have a bit of an audience. If the event is full, sign up anyway. I'll try to add people as long as I think it isn't TOO crowded. And of course people are always canceling (it's the meetup way).

Listeners are welcome to come and SHOULDN'T sign up. Only sign up if you plan to play/sing.