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Saturday Afternoon Jam @ Miller's Grille

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Everyone's invited to the Saturday afternoon acoustic jam at Miller's Grille.

The jam will rotate through the group to have each member take turns leading and/or suggesting songs to be played by the entire group. It’s not required that you lead the song, as long as someone in the group feels comfortable leading that particular song. Feel free to suggest titles you'd like to lead or have the group play.

Group members are welcome and encouraged to post the song titles they would like to play in the comments for that week’s jam. That allows other attendees to view the song in advance. It’s even better if you provide a link to the exact version of the song you would like to play. Try to pick versions that have chords listed on every line throughout the entire song. Also, pick versions that don’t require scrolling backward for choruses, etc. This will save time and frustration for the whole group.

We will have a projector, so we can pull up the chord sheets online and play from one of the major websites. We primarily use Ultimate Guitar (, but other sites are fine, too. You can also upload them into the Files Area on the main page for our meet-up group. We have a Song Index ( of some of the songs that play regularly.

All levels and all instruments welcome, including vocalists & percussionists. Visitors, listeners, fans, air-guitarists, foot-tappers, and groupies-in-training are also welcome.

There is no evening event in the basement, so as long as the upstairs patio band does not need the basement for weather reasons, we are welcome to stay late and have a post-jam. The post-jam is open to anyone who would like to hang around and informally work on songs with a smaller group, or just hang out with the group.

See you there!

This week’s Jam Leader is Valerie.