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Beginner guitar lesson (bifurcated) - Trying Tuesday for a while

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Hi everyone: I'm changing things up a bit. Gonna make the two sub-groups a part of the plan from now on. So the more beginner beginners should come first and then the more advanced beginners should come 2nd:

6pm-ish: folks who are still learning their open chords

7:30-ish: everyone else

When you sign up, please indicate which group you're coming to (especially if you haven't been before). There will be no kicking of anybody out of the house, so you can stick around and check out the 2nd group even if you come for the first one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The address is incomplete. I will email the full address and my phone number to those who sign up!!!!! If you don't receive Meetup messages, you had better contact me ahead of time so I can get you the necessary information - click on my profile and then click on the "Send email" link (just below my name).

This will be a class for beginners. From No guitar skills at all, up to knowing how to play a few chords.

I'm now doing these about every other week (I think that's bi-weekly, but maybe it's semi-weekly?). I'm mixing up the days - sometimes Wednesday, sometimes Tuesday, or Monday or... I appreciate it when you sign up well in advance, but if you do, remember I may change the date on you! You kinda have to do this thing called "practice" if the lessons are to be of any use at all, but come and practice if you haven't managed to between lessons.

OK. Enough babbling. If you can't make it, or it fills up, lemme know. I'll try to help if I can.


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