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The process of writing songs is an exercise in subtly, intention and presence. It is deeply difficult and rewarding work. The successful delivery of these songs in performance deserves the same attention. The Acoustic Songwriter Performance Acuity (ASPA) is a resource for songwriters to practice navigating the complexities of succinctly expressing ourselves from within the microcosm of a safe and supportive environment.

We circle up, check in, then perform one song each per round, discussing our experience as we go. We pay attention to the devil-in-the-details of personal readiness, song readiness, articulating anxieties, feedback etiquette, vocal and instrument amplification, venue types and sizes, visualization, stage presence, etc. We pepper in discussions of copyright and law, different types performance circuits, DIY publishing and marketing, practice, recording, collaboration, technology & gear; essentially, anything related to the performing singer/songwriting. Our goal is to be uniquely honest conveyers of original song.

We will cyclically take our microcosmic work into the macrocosmic forum of local open mics and independent showcases to practice cementing our individual findings in realtime.

Bring your low volume instrument of choice, as well as food and drink as you see fit.

In the interest of quality time spent, ASPA meetups are a five person maximum forum. Please reserve wisely, and know your instrument and song well enough off book to function as a performance learning piece for yourself and others. Also, please note that though ASPA is songwriting centered, uniquely internalized cover songs are welcomed and encouraged.

I look forward to seeing you at our next meetup. Until then, be healthy and well.

-Dolan Kel

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