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What is Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Painting: It is an exciting and fun technique that is not new but real hot right now.
This technique is done with acrylic paints, mediums, and silicone, cups and no brushes.
When you do Acrylic pouring it will create beautiful cells and designs. No two paintings are ever alike.
With this group you will find Pop up events, Sip-N-Pours, Woman's retreats, Youth group, Fund Raisers, Birthday Parties, Corp Events, Camps, Coffee-Pouring, Brews-N-Pour, Pot-N-Pour, Family Reunions, Social Get together. Many of these events will be open to the public others may be private. If you want to host a Pop Up or Event let me know. You wont regret it. Pouring is an addictive type of painting. Its a great way to let the good times flow or meet new people.
We will also offer classes that will teach you many of the different pouring techniques.
When you attend an event or class with us we bring the canvas, painting supplies, and what you will need. Some event will include drinks and snack. I will let you know which events have snack and or drinks.
Each event I will start by doing a demo of what that class or event entails, show you how to mix the paint, and what you need to do to achieve the desired effect. The 2nd half of the class we will spend letting the paint set, mingling, admiring each others work, and some may choose to do another painting for an additional cost. Cause ones just never enough.
Any classes or events that serve alcohol or pot you must be 21 to join us and you will be ID. We also ask that you have a ride provided home.
I hope you enjoy because this technique is so fun you'll find yourself showing up at more than just one event and possibly ending up with new friends.

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