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Are you ready to listen to your Dreams? Are you ready to Believe your dreams may just be possible? Are you prepared to take Action? Too many of us wait for the 'right time' to follow our dreams... When I have the energy... When the kids grow up... When I retire... When I am married... When I get divorced!... When I get the time... Well, maybe you want to make the time. Position your passion and your dreams as the first plan you make each week, and not the last! By committing just a small amount of time each week to what truly matters to you, not only does this move you closer to the life you have always wanted, it simply makes you feel better, as you reclaim that small part of your life for yourself... Do you really want to be that person who lies on your deathbed wishing 'if only'? Meetups will initially be in the Woolacombe area. This is a fabulous place to allow your mind to wander on all infinite possibilities that lie in front of you... Please feel free to join us, even if you live on the other side of the world, and you dream is to visit us 'some day'! You may just be inspired to awaken your dreams, by the comments of others! Is it time to Act, Believe, Dream?

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