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Following on from the OUTSTANDING CRITICAL SUCCESS of Midsummer Night's Dream, La Ronde, Platonov, Romeo and Juliet, Three Sisters, An Ideal Husband, The Cherry Orchard, Uncle Vanya, Ivanov, The Parasite and Playboy of the Western World - The Acting Gymnasium is looking for male and female actors to join our workshop. We will be working each week on elements of performance using our methodology informed and influenced by the ideas of Stanislavski, Vakhatangov and Nimerovic-Danchenko. This unique acting workshop will culminate in a THREE WEEK RUN of full productions at Camden’s Theatro Technis in April 2018.

Check the reviews at http://www.actinggymnasium.co.uk

***** (5 Stars) A Midsummer Night's Dream

***** (5 Stars) La Ronde

***** (5 Stars) Romeo and Juliet

***** (5 Stars) The Cherry Orchard

***** (5 Stars) Uncle Vanya

***** (5 Stars) Ivanov

***** (5 Stars) The Playboy of the Western World

If you are interested in any of the following then The Acting Gymnasium may be for you:

Weekly acting workshops Performing in a top quality theatre production

Voice work

Alexander technique

Advanced characterisation techniques

Improvisational character work

Keeping your creativity sharp by regular workshopping

Being seen by industry professionals

Networking and connecting with fellow professionals

Top quality colour photographs of your work to add to your portfolio


Performing in a production that gets four & five star reviews may be the catalyst that gets you noticed by casting directors and industry professionals.

Check out recent reviews:

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Upcoming events (5+)

Wednesday evening workshop is back - Three Sisters!!

Theatro Technis

****IMPORTANT NOTICE - YOU NEED TO EMAIL TO RESERVE A PLACE AT THIS WORKSHOP, AS I NEED TO PROVIDE SCRIPTS FOR PARTICIPANTS**** Our exciting and acclaimed Wednesday evening workshop is back!! We'll be working towards a new production of this Chekhov Classic. We're working towards a full production and a THREE WEEK RUN OF A SHOW in June 2019. Our workshop encapsulates: VOICE WORK: Breathing, Alexander Technique, projection, rhythms, pace, diction and articulation. IMPROVISATION: Long and short form improvisation. CHARACTERISATION TECHNIQUES: Based on a methodology derived from the ideas of Stanislavski, Vakhatanghov and Nimerovic-Danchenko. TEXT WORK: Sophisticated textual analysis. PERFORMANCE: Each workshop culminates in some element of performance or sharing of work. The entire process culminated in a THREE WEEK RUN OF A FULL PRODUCTION for public, press, industry, guests... Just take a quick look at some of the critical praise from our April/May run from London Theatre Critics: https://closeupculture.com/2018/04/18/a-london-take-on-the-misanthrope/ http://trendfem.com/2018/04/the-misanthrope-theatro-technis-2018/ https://www.londontheatre1.com/reviews/molieres-the-misanthrope-theatro-technis-review/ To book your place please email: actinggymnasium [at] gmail.com

Go, Lovely Rose by Mary Manning

Irish Cultural Centre

1907: vivacious, idealistic and in the prime of youth – seventeen-year-old Rose Fitzgerald dreams of attending Boston’s prestigious Wellesley College. But things are never straightforward for the daughter of the politically ambitious “Honey Fitz”, entwined in Boston’s Catholic Lace Curtain. This dramatic monologue explores this important moment in the life of the mother of the famous Kennedy family. Mary Manning was a leading playwright with Dublin’s Gate Theatre in the 1930s before immigrating to the US and co-founding the influential Poet’s Theatre. This is the first time her work has been seen in the UK since 1937. Gavin McAlinden is a PhD candidate at The Institute of Irish Studies at The University of Liverpool. In 2018 he was awarded the Institute of Irish Studies’ Postgraduate Knowledge Exchange Prize which is funding this production. This Production will last 45 min approximately and will be followed by a post show discussion. Book tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/go-lovely-rose-tickets-55289971794#tickets PLEASE NOTE - YOU NEED TO BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE - THERE ARE ONLY 100 AVAILABLE AND IT WILL SELL OUT VERY QUICKLY.

Saturday afternoon workshop is back - The Lady From Maxims by Georges Feydeau

After an innocent night out with male friends, the normally sober and respectable Dr. Petypon is struggling to remember what he did the night before. Waking on his sofa with a bad head and a chamber in disarray, clarity begins to dawn on him - only to reveal, to his horror, that a show-girl from the Moulin Rouge is sleeping in his bed. Not seen in the UK since 1977 - The Acting Gymnasium will be working towards a new production of this classic farce described as 'Feydeau's Masterpiece'. Following the OUTSTANDING CRITICAL AND AUDIENCE SUCCESS of our November 2018 season - the Acting Gym returns with a new workshop culminating in a THREE WEEK RUN of 3 plays in May 2019. The Acting Gymnasium is a performance orientated professional development workshop for actors that culminates in a run of a play - or in this case three plays. We work with a methodology developed through a mixture of the ideas of Stanislavsky, Vakhatangov and Nimerovic-Danchenko. We employ a lot of improvisation as well as text work. The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. The basic format of The Acting Gymnasium which we have developed over the last few years within a three hour workshop compromises: • Voice work - alexander technique, breathing, projection, rhythms, pace, pitch and volume. • Improvisational activities • Characterisation exercises • Text based work • Usually some element of a performance or sharing to conclude the session. We normally have an informal beer after the session. IMPORTANT NOTICE - IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP YOU NEED TO EMAIL: actinggymnasium [at] gmail.com AND PLEASE OUTLINE YOUR PREVIOUS ACTING EXPERIENCE.

The Business of The Acting Industry

Theatro Technis

Are you getting seen for good quality auditions for paid acting work? Are regularly meetings with the type of people who can move you forward in your career? Are you happy with your agent? Do you have an agent? Are you getting PAID ACTING WORK? If the answer to any of these questions is No; then you NEED The Business of the Acting Industry workshop. This VERY HIGHLY PRAISED workshop is designed to explore the business side of the acting profession. Feedback from December 2018 workshop: " Any actor who isn’t satisfied with their professional progression MUST attend this 2 hour class. " " All the answers to any questions you have are right here, seriously. Just do the workshop. " " Understand the intricacies of the craft from a passionate, experienced tutor." " A really strong, insightful, detailed session " " A must for all serious performers. Highly recommend. " " A fast-paced no-nonsense practical guide to getting you into a solid acting mindset. " " I think for those who have doubts about the industry, Gavin tells you right away with no bullshit. He is a nice lad and inspiring. " This session is just what you need to help you move forward to more PAID ACTING WORK. If you are a professional actor knowing how to go out into the real world and find paid acting work is absolutely crucial. Understanding the business side of the acting industry is the key to success as an actor. This workshop is a thorough and comprehensive analysis of all elements of the business side of the acting industry designed to give you a better understanding of WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT. This session will also provide you with key tips and strategies about how to get ahead in an increasingly competitive market. Key areas covered include: Getting your name out there - processes and pitfalls Self promotion in a digital age & Audition Tapes Networking and making connections - what to do and not to do Using social media as a promotional package Alternative approaches to getting paid work THE GRID - a NO BULLSHIT guide to getting paid work Getting an agent - how to navigate this tricky world Managing your relationship with your representation Approaching the casting director Handling auditions Knowing how to behave Continuing professional development Financial management GAVIN MCALINDEN's productions have been Critic's Choice in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, The Financial Times, The Evening Standard and Time Out. He has been nominated for Cinnefoundation Prize, BBC Talent New Film-maker Award, Samuel Beckett Award for Excellence in Theatre and Off West-End Award for Best Ensemble Acting and Best Director. Feedback from participants on the June Business workshop: “ I thought it was really superb “ “ Extremely helpful. “ “ I found the small details very significant, the dos and don’t dos “ “ Great tips on how to find an agent “ “ Very straight talking. “ “ Very useful, essential advice “ “ Good advice about how to find opportunities “ “ I feel more confident now. Thank you!! “ September 2017 Workshop: “Very good value. Gavin is very pleasant, informative and direct.” “I found this session extremely informative and helpful. I have been given wonderful tools to help me on my way.” “He provided an informative outline and answered every single question. He definitely made me think about the next level and how to get there. ” January 2018: “It was perfect!” “It was particularly useful looking at approaching and engaging with agents and casting directors to get auditions and the job.” “I thought it was excellent.” “I very much enjoyed the session and found it very helpful” March 2018: “ I found the session extremely energising “ “ Thank you very much for the very informative session yesterday. “ “Very inspiring. “ “ I learned things that I had no idea about, so am really happy to have attended your workshop. “ “ Extremely useful “

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