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Do you like acting, except for the part where you have to learn a script? With this group, there is no script! Whatever your performing interests are: Serious drama, sketch comedy, stage and screen acting, AmDram, panto, stand up or clowning to name but a few, you'll find improv extremely useful and fun. It is a very supportive and collaborative art form.

Perhaps you've already tried improv and you love it. Maybe you haven't a clue what it is.

It's like a comedy sketch show but completely made up on the spot. It can also be a longer piece of theatre often based on one word or title from the audience. Get out of your comfort zone and do something totally 'crazy'! It's not just for 'confident' people, it's proven to help people who suffer from anxiety and we have many people through the door who say it's helped them.

Watch this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-429227 ...

We help each other regain a creativeness we had naturally when we were children.

Improv comedy is booming in popularity right now, although it's been around in current form since the 1960s. You may know it best from the TV show "Whose Line is It Anyway?". It's a bit like that, part sketch, part theatre, but we have no script.

We'll show you how to create comedy magic out of thin air. There's no 'natural comic ability' required.

Read a short history here http://www.improvcomedy.org/history.html

You will be very welcome to come to our workshops and courses.
Workshops are open to all levels of Improv experience.

What to expect in a typical 2 hour session

• A warmup to get you into the 'spontaneity zone'

• Tips and warmup exercises to build your performance confidence

• Scene-based short form games you may have seen on shows like 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'

• Scenes based on a one word suggestion, phrases, location, occupation, relationship

• Friendly coaching

• Guaranteed laughter

We are open for all to attend, regardless of gender and gender identification, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, age (over 18 - this is a venue requirement), nationality, ability to speak English, disability status*, or anything else. Everyone is free to develop how they wish. You may be asked if you wish to perform in a public show, but you won't be pressured. We aim to perform non-offensive light-hearted comedy that everyone can enjoy. We aim to achieve good quality improv, based on established professional techniques e.g. those written about and performed by Keith Johnstone and Del Close.

At any one time we are generally up to one of the following:

Workshops - practicing our improv skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Shows - performing or watching public improv shows whenever we can

Corporate events - do you need a team-building or motivational event for your staff or just to give them a fun break? Get in touch!

TWICE a year - we have a residential weekend event in Grantham http://britishimprovproject.com/ which you are encouraged to go to and meet up with more than 80 other improvisers from all over the UK. We may also arrange visits to our colleagues in Exeter at Acting and Improvisation Devon. As well as visits to Bristol Improv Theatre.


Public liability insurance is in place through the British Improv Project.

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