Understanding Organizational Behavior Through Emotions and Storytelling

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Understanding Organizational Behavior Through Emotions and Storytelling with Stephen Goetschius at Morningstar


Trying to understand “company culture” is a tricky business. How are people relating to each other? How do they relate to team or company objectives? What are the prevailing appraisals of events?

Much of understanding human behavior relates to understanding motivations and emotions - and these are embedded in the stories we tell. But, getting to the truth of people’s motivations and emotions can be tricky in an organizational context. The stories we share with our team members are not necessarily the stories we tell our bosses, or our direct reports. Our stories are not necessarily easy to share, or to gather.

Final Mile, a behavioral science led design research & strategy consulting firm, uses game-based research to understand human behavior, and to test behavioral interventions, in social, commercial and organizational contexts.

In this Action Design Meetup we will explore one of these game-based methods, how they might be deployed and how their outputs might be used to better understand organizational culture.

👉 Bring a laptop/tablet/mobile device to participate in a hands-on activity during the event! 👀

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⟶ 6:00 - 6:30 PM: Networking
⟶ 6:30 - 7:15 PM: Presentation
⟶ 7:15 - 7:30 PM: Q&A & Discussion


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Stephan Goetschius, Director of Design at Final Mile Consulting, spent the first phase of his life as a maker in the art & design worlds as a musician, sculptor, and educator at various artist communities across the United States. In his second phase, he’s leveraged the skills of art and design in the application of behavioral science, at scale, to wicked problems, commercial concerns, and social innovation.

In the development sector, he’s worked on HIV mitigation through increasing voluntary medical male circumcision and direct cash transfer programs to vulnerable young women and adolescent girls. In consumer finance he’s influenced behavior by helping to frame product choice, improve financial management and service experiences. In pharmaceuticals and health insurance sectors he’s influenced treatment management, treatment preference, and organizational development.

He’s inspired by the domains of positive psychology (ref: Martin Seligman) and applying himself to effective social development (ref: Russell Ackoff).

He finds flow in running down Lake Michigan (even in the winter), sweating it out in the Bikram studio (thank you 105F!), and playing melancholy songs to himself on the guitar.


A special thanks to 👏🏻Morningstar 👏🏻 for hosting us!

👋 We look forward to seeing you at the event!