• Haunted House!

    Tulsa Hex House

    It's spooooooky season. Aka time to go to a haunted house. I'm looking at going to the Hex House. This is a place where they can touch you and poke and prod so things might get extra spicy for those of you who feel like they've "been there done that". It's $32 for all three houses and a fast pass. I think that's a great deal. See link below for more info: https://tulsahexhouse.com/

  • Apple Picking!

    Livesay Orchards

    Ready for that sweet sweet juicy crunchy goodness that only a fresh picked Apple can getcha? I am. Let's go pick some apples ninja style. (ninja skills optional and actually not advised). Looking at a buck twenty-five per pound for the apples. Fresh apples are the best. See link below for more info: https://www.livesayorchards.com/m/index.php