What we're about

This group is open to both women and men.

Are you disenchanted with the general malaise that hovers over society -- and the general state of negativity in our culture?

Have you been bothered by the long history of what might be termed "brutish masculinity" or "toxic masculinity"?

In this group we will examine the imbalance in male/female energies, and examine how "Divine Masculine" energy can be activated and cultivated to restore balance to relationships, and begin to help heal relationships, the country and the human race.

We will engage in various discussions to examine aspects of the issue, and engage in various prayer techniques, meditation techniques, and visualization techniques to enhance and boost a sense of love, peace and well-being; reach a higher state of consciousness; and activate our "Divine Masculine" energy -- in order to integrate that with the "Divine Feminine" movement that is already underway.

This group is meant for men and women in the general Kansas City, Missouri (Kansas) metropolitan area to participate in group discussions, meditations, practices and exercises.

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Mtg#2 - Exploring Divine Masculine (SUN / Apr 29)

Centered Spirit - Cultural and Holistic Center

Mtg#2 - Exploring Divine Masculine (SAT / Apr 28)

JoCo Central Resource Library

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