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This is a cosmopolitan but exclusive group for active people interested in affordable (not low cost) adventure, outdoor, sportive and also RECREATIONAL activities ABOVE the average for the fun, heart pounding excitement, ORIGINALITY and high conviviality regardless of nationality, language, culture.

Philosophy: Highly Entertaining with competitive event fees. Don’t ask us how we’ll manage to combine both. Just enroll and enjoy!

Members: expats, Belgian, British, French, German, Netherland, Italian, Spanish, Russian, American, … and many others interested in sensational but affordable activities and eager to meet new international friends & perhaps develop their social & business network with interesting and nice people from different corners … We are now about 580 members inside & outside meetup. Ref ex “Brussels Outdoor Meetup”

Range of activities: We try hard to organize a very wide range of activities that cater all tastes and envy and NOT ONLY sportive or adventure minded activities!

To give you a foretaste and just a foretaste : a thrilling track game with different mean of transportation (Canoe, MTB, Horse carriage, quad) in the Ardennes (Belgium), a giant scavenger hunt with Rigid inflatable boats along the coast between Belgium and the Netherlands, A murder Game with great suspense on a fantastic boat in Amsterdam, an exciting treasure hunt in a private resort, A mystery hunt in an castle in Scotland, a hectic city game in the center of London with black cabs, An heart pumping introduction to rafting, hydro speed, canyoning, in the French Alps, An adrenaline pumping introduction to skydiving, paragliding, parachute jump or bungy jumping in the sierra Nevada (Spain), A sportive sailing trek in Croatia or Portugal, an initiation waterski and wakeboard on a lake, a swashbuckling ski, snowboard short trip in Austria, France, or Switzerland, a trek with snow rackets off the off the beaten track in Romania, a special city trip to Riga, a rally with scooters and wine testing In Luxemburg or tuscany…

Surprisingly are all skills levels welcome if you are a bit dareful and in good health & physical condition just for some adventure activities.

This meetup is based in Brussels, but the activities take place and will take all over West and East Europe.


Please note that (Important) :

This is a special meetup with very attractive and exciting activities with high value for you Money.

* Don’t expect basic, ordinary or cheap activity even if it looks obvious

* To avoid loss of time & energy, don’t join this group if you not ready to spend more than a few euro/pounds per activity or if You just enroll for the XXX meetups just in case you may discover one or the other activity you like

* At the moment there is no (basic) membership due to join this meetup

* Members how haven’t participated in any of the proposed activities for a period of more than 6 months will be removed from the group as we are looking forward to ACTIVE members. They are free to re-apply in exchange of a fee of 5 euro/4 pounds

* When you enroll in this group you're request to communicate a valid email address (compulsory) in order to send you more easily important messages. This email Address will never be communicated to a third party and will used only for important messages !

* When a Member RSVP to an activity he or she is kindly asked to confirm his or her attendance by email to nicolas.calewaert@detonationco.com or sending a sms to 0032472357120

* Members how RSVP to an event whitout paying their registration fee AND how don't show up whitout cancelling their registration will be removed from the group. They will able to reapply in exchange of a penalty fee of 10 euro

* Communication language will be in English but don’t hesitate to open a discussion in FR,GER, IT, SPA, Dutch, RUSS, …

For those how will join and lucky birds how have already joined I promise you lots of fun and excitement; a leading path to some way of paradise

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Private Party RNL around Brussels in Bierges

Avenue des Bouvreuils 22

Introduction to water skiing&wakeboard with other activities (20 August )

The Spin Cablepark


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