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Whatever life has brought you if you are an active 45+ year old come join us. Even if you need a little help to get around that's no problem this is still for you. I believe life has a lot to offer, no matter what. If you still enjoy interesting and exciting things to do, this group is for you. Here is were you would find like minded friends to join you. We organize a vast variety of events: Museum visits, Game nights, Comedy, Bowling, Music, Dining and what ever else we conjure up.

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DISCLAIMER: During all events, Members are responsible for themselves. The Organizer and Event Hosts are not responsible for the safety of the participants of events. We will try our best to prevent accidents, but are not responsible or liable if something happens to you during your membership with ACTIVE 45+. AS A CONDITION OF JOINING AND ATTENDING EVENTS OF ACTIVE 45+ MEETUP GROUP, YOU AGREE TO hold harmless, and indemnify the organizer and her heirs, and all members and participants of this Meetup group from any and all claims for injury, illness, death, and/or property damage including those caused by negligence, ignorance, inexperience and other reasons. You also agree to assume all mental, physical, financial, and/or other risk associated with this meetup. All meetup activities might pose inherent risks and dangers. Participation in these activities is voluntary and dependent upon your own personal judgment. By joining ACTIVE 45+ and our events, you acknowledge this. Thank you for joining us.

Be safe, yours truly Eirini Kay!

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