• Volunteering - Help MaxLife summer camp pack for the end of summer

    MaxLife at St. Peter’s offers summer day camp. They need help packing up the supplies and preparing for the school year. Their campers spend the entire day on campus, so that they have plenty of dodgeballs, hula hoops, water slides, art supplies etc. Food afterwards! In the past we've done AppleBees and Royal Rasoi Indian Cuisine, both were pretty good.

  • Volunteering with The Sharing Center to Help the Homeless (Then lunch!)

    The Sharing Center works in a variety of ways to help the homeless and others in a crisis (financial, medical, etc.) Besides passing on donations of food, clothing, household goods, and furniture, they help with costs such as medical bills, household goods, and utilities. They also offer services to the homeless including showers, laundry, and haircuts and run a thrift store for nonessential donations like books, toys and small appliances. Although a month out, it's unclear which of these they'll need help with, with so much to do, they will need help. Let's take a morning and give them a hand. I'll update this description as further details are available. Afterwards, let's head to Alex's Cuban Cafe, in the same plaza.

  • Kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding at Wekiva Island

    Let have a relaxing day kayaking at Wekiva Island. Can rent kayak, canoe, paddle boards, or bring your own ($10 launch fee). End time posted is a rough estimate, feel free to turn around whenever along the way. Food truck on site for refreshments after, can bring your own drinks (non-alcohol) if going on river, but they won't allow in if you're staying at the island. ***Please arrive on time, I will be planning to get on the water at 9:15 to avoid the extreme heat. If you have not signed already, please allow for additional time to sign the waiver. $2 admission fee at gate Bring sunscreen, bug spray, bathing suit (obviously) 2-Seat Canoe $35 3-Seat Canoe $35 Kayak-Single $35 Kayak-Double $40 Paddle Board $45

  • Volunteering - Make sandwiches for the homeless, then grab dinner

    St. Peters in Lake Mary makes sandwiches for the homeless every week. This Saturday, let's take a few hours and help them out. If you have kids, feel free to bring them. Comment on which sandwich ingredient you'll be bringing (we're shooting for ~25 sandwiches) or just show up to help us put them together. We'll be meeting at Publix to pick up any missing items, then heading across the street to put everything together, 700 Rinehart Rd, Lake Mary, FL 32746. • Mike - Turkey lunchmeat • Amber - Cheese • Aaron - Bread • Wilfredo - Potato salad Dinner afterwards nearby.

  • Shoot archery in close-toed shoes

    Geneva Archery

    For safety reasons, as well as to avoid getting the gritty sand in your toes, wear close toed shoes. For a suspiciously cheap $20 (cash), we get lessons and equipment (bows, arrows, & arm-guards). They can only vouch for the safety of their own equipment, so they prefer we don't bring ours. While driving there, you'll be able to see the targets from the road. If the list is full, but you want a spot, prepay me using PayPal or Google Pay at [masked] or Venmo at Michael-Buchoff-1 (not sure who originally got the Michael-Buchoff since there's only one of me, but props to them!) This ensures I'm giving spots to people who will use them. If you cancel with at least a week's notice, you'll receive a refund. Prepaying is only required for people on the waitlist that want to be on the yes list. If you are already on the yes list, you do not need to prepay. Afterwards we'll grab lunch around the corner. We usually do Tijuana Flats, but I'm up for whatever.

  • Dinner and Board Games

    Cool Stuff Games

    Bring your favorite board games or play someone else's. For food, you're welcome to bring something from one of the nearby restaurants (Chipotle, Rice & Beans, Sushi, etc.) and eat while you're playing.

  • Brunch and blood-donating, followed by a free movie

    Come and go for as much or as little as you want. If you're timing it in the middle, send me a text or message so I know to keep you updated. Grab brunch at Cafe Muranos, walk next door to donate blood (there's a blood truck by the movie theater every weekend), then use our free tickets to see a movie. The guesstimated schedule will be: Cafe Muranos: 11AM - 1PM Blood dontating: 1:30PM - 4PM Movies: 4:30PM - whenever the movie ends See https://www.redcrossblood.org/donate-blood/how-to-donate/eligibility-requirements/eligibility-criteria-alphabetical.html?cid=mob_npd_nn_ios_mar for eligibility rules.

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